Brunch and Broncos: Where Wes Welker and Matt Prater Should Drink and Watch the Game

Football is back! While the majority of our favorite players, like Peyton Manning, took the field, a few players have been side-lined and need a few recommendations on where to enjoy a cold one and watch the game. To help out Wes Welker and Matt Prater, we have put together a short list of where to […]

Cocktail Hour on Little Raven

Tequila is an odd drink. Often the source of hazy college flashbacks, late night runs for food you’ll regret in the morning, and the only drink served regularly from belly buttons. It is not a surprise then that many swear off it completely as they grow past their partying days. This unfortunate reputation is in […]

Blindingly White – Mojito Mondays at Zengo

zengo cocktail

The deal was: $5 mojitos at Zengo on Mondays. They’ve got your typical mojito – mint, mango – and more brazen ones using elixirs one does not dare describe as anything other than exotic. Right out of the gate: I’m not a cocktail man. I can’t make a decent one to save the life of […]

Get your cocktail on with this year’s annual LUPEC Bar Crawl!

2012. Bar Crawl. Ladies who know their shit about cocktails. If you know anything about LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), these ladies know how to have a party.  And they’re inviting you to this year’s Post-Holiday Annual LUPEC Bar Crawl!  Here are the details below for tonight’s crawl (January 2): This […]