Crafty Ladies Brew a Beer with Oskar Blues

By Liz Henry, guest writer I enjoy good beer. Even more, I enjoy good company. It’s only logical that Highland Tap and Burger’s Crafty Ladies Beer Club has become a regular event on my calendar. Owner Katie O’Shea opens her door to twice a month to groups of ladies ready to hear from local breweries […]

How To: Pick Up A Lady at a Beer Festival (And Show Her There’s More To You Than a Beer Gut)

By Julia Yugel and Lisa Bongiovanni Weekends in Colorado are spent off the Wagon as they’re jam-packed of booze-related events.  Consequently, you’re left with little time to pick up women. Fear not.  Should your focus stray from the copious amounts of beer you’ll be consuming, you may realize that there couldn’t be a better time to […]

“Safe Zones”: A Guide for Women

Remember playing cops and robbers?  Once the game got going, there was running, chasing, dodging, ducking all over the place.  Maybe you got touched, maybe you got tackled.  But there always was a safe zone. Now that we’re a little “grown up,” we may not play Cop and Robbers (unless it’s a more intimate setting). […]

Women’s Code of (Drinking) Ethics

It’s a typical Friday night safari with men and women at their watering hole. And then the animalistic dance begins: men order beer/whiskey and the women order wine/vodka.   We’ve genderized alcohol.  And I don’t like it.   A “masculine” drink is often perceived to be strong, harsh, grainy, and sometimes bitter.  For example, anything with […]