Death’s Door Spirits Shows Off Sustainable Chops

Nothing gets me more excited than drinking something truly local. The notion of supporting agriculture on lands that surround our homes is something everyone should get behind, but tasting something unique that comes from that same land- the land you have a personal connection with, is very special. We see examples of this here in […]

If Someone Asks You To Spend A Day With Stranahan’s, Say Yes.

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey recently invited me to take part in the pilot session of their new program, The Whiskey Workshop. The workshop is designed as a 2-day getaway for whiskey lovers and distilling nerds. My invitation was fortuitous, as I like to claim both designations. The idea is based on the belief that said lover-of-libations wants […]

Seahawks Win, Drink Copious Amounts of Fireball

This post has nothing to do with football. It has more to do with liquor, drinking and warning you about Seattle’s habitual consumption of cinnamon flavored booze. Denver has been exposed. Proceed with caution at your favorite bar or local liquor store. The stuff is delicious. Seattle, the fortuitous land of flannel and corporate coffee […]

Denver Whiskey Club October Event

Those crazy cats over at the Denver Whiskey Club are up to some shenanigans this month, calling the event “Whiskey in Disguise.”  The only information they are offering is time, date, location, and cost (8:00pm, October 18th, Scruffy Murphy’s, $10, respectively).  That’s all we get. So I suppose we shall just show up expecting a […]

School is in session: Distilling 101

Alright kids, school is in session.  This is going to be a rough and tumble crash course on distilling.  I’m not a chemist, I’m not a professional, hell, I’m surprised my chef lets me touch the mop bucket to swab the deck. That being said, I know my way around a bottle of booze and […]

Barcode: Sazerac Cocktail

Denver has amassed a small but significant number of bars and restaurants doing craft cocktails.  It’s not uncommon for the neighborhood local to have a few copper mugs behind the bar for a proper moscow mule, a few julep tins are even lurking in unexpected corners.  Unfortunately, Manhattans are still being shaken to death and […]

That’s whiskey with an ‘e’

Glowing like real gold

Growing up my Grandpa taught me that real Irish folk drink whiskey, and as you may know, I have taken this bit of knowledge to heart.  Being the proud Irish lass that I am I really have no choice but to consume the liquid gold on a regular basis. On a day to day basis […]

Women’s Code of (Drinking) Ethics

It’s a typical Friday night safari with men and women at their watering hole. And then the animalistic dance begins: men order beer/whiskey and the women order wine/vodka.   We’ve genderized alcohol.  And I don’t like it.   A “masculine” drink is often perceived to be strong, harsh, grainy, and sometimes bitter.  For example, anything with […]