Where is your Colorado craft whiskey made?

Local liquor store shelves are rife with bottles touting the title of “artisanal,” “craft,” or “small-batch.” Consumers focused on buying from small business jump for joy at all the handcrafted choices sitting within arms reach. Up until recently, these consumers had no reason to question the feel-good story on the back of the bottle describing […]

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Save water, drink whiskey: Water for People hosts ‘Whiskey Rebellion’

It often goes unnoticed how vital clean water is to creating the things we love to imbibe most. Our beer is roughly 95% water and our beloved whiskey is made up of about 60% water. But not all parts of the globe are fortunate enough to utilize water for luxuries like a fine brown liquor or […]

The Bark Bar Opens in the Highlands

In the first two weeks since Catherine Peters opened The Bark Bar in the Highlands (4132 West 38th Avenue), she has garnered a huge dog-loving clientele and established one of the largest craft beer can selections in Denver, and maybe even the state. Sure, the focus is the fenced-in dog yard, where our furry friends […]

In Search of the Perfect Old-Fashioned

When it comes to cocktails, the granddaddy of them all is definitely the Old-Fashioned. The Old-Fashioned cocktail in its simplest form defines the original meaning of the word “cocktail”: A drink composed of a spirit, sugar, water and bitters – a definition that dates back to the early 1800s. Any drink made with these simple […]

A White Christmas Of Sorts.

Its 2:00 am, 20 degrees, and I can no longer feel my toes but I’m excited, and so is the crowd.  We are queued outside the Stranahan’s distillery in industrial south Denver for the release of their 12th Snowflake, Mount Shavano Malbec.  Aside from the superb main line whiskey, these limited releases, always named after […]

All Whiskey All the Time at Central Bistro & Bar

If you’re reading this, I can only assume that it’s because you saw the word ‘whiskey’ in the title. Now, I’m not trying to be presumptuous about your intentions, but even I am having a hard time not pouring myself a glass of Kentucky’s finest to wash the taste of boring ol’ saliva out of […]

A Very Special Wild Turkey Bourbon Event

Give ’em the Bird. Quite possibly the best tag line to ever exist, alcohol products aside. Wild Turkey is best known for its outstanding, high proof bourbon. With many cask-strength bourbons available nowadays, the Bird stands out as the standard when it comes to a flavorful bourbon packing that extra punch. Master distiller Jimmy Russell, […]

Weekend off the Wagon – August 9-11

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday It’s that time of year again! The Denver County Fair is this weekend with at least one Wagon writer on the judging panel for the beer competition (Saturday is the Denver County Fair Microbrew Fest). Put on your overalls and pig out on lots of food and drink! Did […]

Spirit Hound Unleashes White Dog Whisky

Whisky has a special place in Colorado. With its frontier towns and pioneering spirit, no one can doubt that much of Colorado’s drinking culture has been shaped by this form of alcohol. It makes perfect sense then a fine whisky would take shape in a small town that serves as a gateway to the Rocky Mountains. […]

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations

OK, so the title of this post is an “old Vulcan proverb” – and not truly accurate. There are only about 45 distilleries in the state. But as I’ve found out throughout my recent road trip, Colorado’s craft distilling community brings a lot of diversity to the table. We’re excited to be adding distilleries daily […]

Derby Day: What Is And What Is Not A Mint Julep

It is safe to say that you already have a floppy hat picked out. You may also be trying to memorize the lyrics for that song they sing right before they let the doggies loose at Churchill Downs. It’s OK. No one knows the fucking song- and it makes me cringe when I see Joey […]

Circle Up The Wagons – The edition of Delicate Dining

Happy Sunday, my band of weekend-warring wagoneers! This week you may be feeling a little more off kilter than usual since we seemed to not only double up on rich beers, but also found ourselves in quite the food coma this week. On Monday Kelly regaled us with tales of her experience at the Breckenridge […]

Stetson Bourbon Showcased at National Western Stock Show

The West is a special place, and it’s events like the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) that remind us we really are rugged, well dressed and true to the spirit of the folks who tamed this land. It amazes me that cowboys made their way, spanning back over a hundred years, and the culture which […]

Colorado Collaboration of Awesome: The Full Story

SkaPeachCraft boys

A couple of months ago I told you cats about a secret I had been keeping regarding a Colorado collaboration of epic proportions.  With the arrival of GABF it is time to share with you all of the (not so) gory details. It all started with an invite from Mr. Moose of Peach Street Distillers […]

Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival This Weekend

breckenridge craft spirits festival

  Leaf peepers, pay attention. I am currently racing to get this published before the latest edition of Weekend Off The Wagon goes out, because you should be making plans for consuming craft spirits in the mountains and not have any other distractions. The town of Breckenridge is hosting an amazing event highlighting the hooch of […]

Denver Whiskey Club June Meeting

It’s that time of month again… Denver Whiskey Club time! Jameson isn’t just a popular drink, or a historic brand. In Ireland, it’s practically a way of life. So when Kate Flanagan talks about telling her father back in County Louth that she’d joined the company as a Brand Ambassador for the U.S., you can […]

Straight from the Teat: A Stranahan’s Bottling Tale

As anyone who knows me can attest to, I love my birthday.  Like really, really love my birthday.  However, after a series of unfortunate events, including a birthday-spirit-crushing bout of pneumonia, I was pretty much over it.  Right up until the point when the wonderful folks over at Stranahan’s Whiskey invited me over to experience […]

Denver Whiskey Club gets their Irish on

  It’s that time of year again, where everyone is a bit Irish–and this definitely rings true for the Denver Whiskey Club.  For this year’s March meeting, the talented Mr. Robert Sickler will walk the group through some fine Irish whiskey.  The meeting will be held at Scruffy Murphy’s, Tuesday March 13, with pre-meeting hangout starting at 7:30pm […]

Mile High Spirits Set to Take Off

What do Denver and my mouth have in common?  Wrong, and get your mind out of the gutter. We are both extremely happy when overflowing with craft spirits.  The Denver craft spirit scene (and my mouth) are about to get a huge boost with the opening of Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Room, located […]

Flawless Valentine’s Day!

The fact that St. Valentine’s Day falls during the middle of the week this year got me thinking. What drinks go best when playing video games? I know, I know. You are thinking this is the bitter “I hate V-Day” post.  I am not a curmudgeon or anything. In fact, I like the sentiment of […]