Death’s Door Spirits Shows Off Sustainable Chops

Nothing gets me more excited than drinking something truly local. The notion of supporting agriculture on lands that surround our homes is something everyone should get behind, but tasting something unique that comes from that same land- the land you have a personal connection with, is very special. We see examples of this here in […]

Peak 7 Vodka: Good in the club or warm and straight at home for non-hipsters wearing visors.

Vodka is made for Sundays. When nursing a hangover from Friday night and spending your Saturday hovering and moaning over a frozen pizza, Sunday seems like an appropriate day to start drinking again. I had to make up for a day lost of non-erranding, so I figured let’s get going- but start off swinging by […]

Weekend off the Wagon (Intern Edition) – June 21-23

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Greetings, folks! The Wagon intern here–PJ thought I could take a break from making bacon runs for the office to updating you on this upcoming weekend. So here goes nothing! The weekend forecast is calling for clear skies and high temperatures, so I’d check out the […]

Bloody Accoutrements & The Real Dill

Don’t get me wrong. I love bloody mary bars, but I get distracted. Before you know it, I’m wrapping sardines in bacon, stuffing cocktail onions with roasted hatch chiles and there is no room left for tomato juice. I have decided to simplify. What makes a great bloody mary? First, start with good vodka (obviously). […]

Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival This Weekend

breckenridge craft spirits festival

  Leaf peepers, pay attention. I am currently racing to get this published before the latest edition of Weekend Off The Wagon goes out, because you should be making plans for consuming craft spirits in the mountains and not have any other distractions. The town of Breckenridge is hosting an amazing event highlighting the hooch of […]

Mile High Spirits Set to Take Off

What do Denver and my mouth have in common?  Wrong, and get your mind out of the gutter. We are both extremely happy when overflowing with craft spirits.  The Denver craft spirit scene (and my mouth) are about to get a huge boost with the opening of Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Room, located […]

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

pre-caramel apple cupcake

 As with so many things in my life, these rad little treats were influenced by beer.  One of my more recent homebrews was a caramel apple saison that was just lovely so I decided to translate it into cupcake form.  As with any of my recipes begin by measuring out the beer needed for the […]

Leopold Brothers Distillers Night at Star Bar

Friday Jan. 27th at 6:00, meet Todd Leopold, head distiller. Denver’s very own Leopold Brothers Distillers is racking up quite an impressive protfolio of craft made spirits.  All based on one simple platform: quality has to come first. Nine different versions of liqueurs make up the foundation of that portfolio.  They can stand on their […]

No. 11: Sangria

My family is made up of a bunch of booze hounds. These days our gatherings are fueled by delicious wine and beer, but before us kids were of age and could pick our own drinks (mostly beer) we were strictly a wine family.  For as long as I can remember everyone in my family drank wine.  […]

No. 4: A License to Drink…an Irish Christmas

I come from a long lineage of Irish drinkers (please note: I did NOT say alcoholics, I said “drinkers”) so drinking at the holidays always seemed normal. Being given a half glass of beer or a taste of this or that was never unusual but about the time I turned 12 or 13, I had […]

1st Annual Liquid Arts Fest brings together Distillers and Drinkers on Friday

We figured it out.  You love craft spirits. And that’s great, because we do, too. And tomorrow, December 9th, some of your favorite craft distillers are gathering together at the inaugural Liquid Arts Fest in Loveland, CO. Dancing Pines Distillery’s Kristian Naslund, masterful ringleader of this event, will be one of the many distillers that […]

Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere: Colorado Distillers Festival Recap

By Jess Hunter, Josh Rapp, Jim Halligan, and PJ Hoberman I look at the clock.  Noon.   It’s well-past 5 o’clock in London; the Queen would be sipping her gin, so I can too, right?  I sigh and step up to the check-in at Rackhouse Pub on Sunday.  Chris Rippe, owner and the impetus behind the […]

Jack Rabbit Hill: Local Love from a Hidden Gem in Hotchkiss

By Josh Rapp and Jen Fowler Many people in our great state have inclinations toward all things local over all things not local.  Jack Rabbit Hill Winery and Peak Spirits have had “all things local” as their focus since they started up in 2000.  You may have seen bottles of Cap Rock gin or vodka […]

School is in session: Distilling 101

Alright kids, school is in session.  This is going to be a rough and tumble crash course on distilling.  I’m not a chemist, I’m not a professional, hell, I’m surprised my chef lets me touch the mop bucket to swab the deck. That being said, I know my way around a bottle of booze and […]

Distillers Sitdown Series: Heather Bean of Syntax Spirits

Syntax Spirits

The 1st Annual Colorado Distiller’s Festival will be held on September 18.  As part of the roll-out, we will be interviewing the participating CO distillers to feature in the coming weeks. Today, we’re featuring Syntax Spirits in our sit-down with Heather Bean. Biographical information Full Name Heather Bean Current Location Greeley, CO Name of Distillery  Syntax Spirits […]

Spring 44 Launches Product in Denver at Euclid Hall

On Tuesday, June 19th, Spring 44 (one of Sean Kenyon’s consulting projects) launched in the Denver market at Euclid Hall. And I’ll admit, I was apprehensive.  Last time Euclid Hall launched a product, it was American Harvest.  And at the Harvest launch, it felt like the old Martini Ranch has resurrected itself–complete with the skinny […]

A little hooch in your brew: 1st Annual Beer Cocktail Party Recap

A beer cocktail is a beautiful thing. What is a beer cocktail, exactly?  In the most basic form it’s spiking your beer, or beer-ing your liquor.  It’s the marrying of beer and spirit.  For beer lovers, a beer cocktail is a great way to have a cocktail, with a little hooch in your brew.  For […]

Announcing the 1st Annual CO Beer Cocktail Party

We get it.  You’re hot stuff. Maybe you made it to Food & Wine in Aspen where Avery Brewing Company and Peak Spirits threw down the challenge to create amazing beer cocktails. Maybe you made it this Monday to the Colorado Cocktail Project to find Colorado’s cocktail, Marnie Ward’s “Tree Line”. Maybe you’re fascinated by […]

Oh My Vodka, The Thin Man’s Legacy

Thin Man Infused Vodka

Nick? Nicky? What? You asleep? Yes! Good. I want to talk to you. I am fairly certain Nora Charles would be quite comfortable at this bar. Every time I walk in, it makes me feel like I found something special, as if everyone in the place knows it’s a best-kept secret. An almost-oasis nestled in […]

American Harvest Vodka Launched at Euclid Hall

American Harvest, an organic vodka, debuted in Denver at Euclid Hall last Thursday, April 28th.  And for the first time since Martini Ranch had closed, Euclid transformed to the ambiance of its former occupant.  The back wells and tap handles were removed for the evening and replaced with bundled harvest stacks and American Harvest Vodka. […]