Weekend off the Wagon – February 8-10

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Chocolate. That is the theme for the weekend. You can’t throw a beer without hitting some chocolate. Also, don’t throw beer. This weekend is full of chocolate, winter carnivals, and Mardi Gras. Design After Dark is tonight at the McNichols building. Victor Wooten is at Cervantes […]

Weekend off the Wagon – February 1-3

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Stout Month is here! Avery Gauntlet at Star Bar is here! The Wagon’s birthday is.. almost here! February is a good month. See below for the nitty gritty.   Know about something that we missed? Have an event coming up? Send it our way: events@denveroffthewagon.com. See below […]

Seven new breweries in Denver since GABF 2011

Think back to GABF 2011… remember how many new Colorado breweries were on the scene? Denver Beer Company, Copper Kettle, Renegade Brewing, Caution Brewing – well, the fun didn’t end there. Since the last Great American Beer Festival seven eight new breweries have opened in Denver, and this does not include the nine new breweries […]

Breckenridge, Avery Brewing Dominate Olympics!

You haven’t seen Olympics until you’ve seen the Brewer’s Olympics. Track and field? What is that? Screw synchronized swimming, and screw Michael Phelps…no really, I would like to screw Michael Phelps. Where was I?  Oh yeah, Brewer’s Olympics!  For the second year in a row, Vine Street Pub hosted a veritable shit-show of a field […]

Weekend off the Wagon – September 14-16

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday If  you do one thing this weekend, and only one thing, it should be the  Vine Street Uptown Block Party and Brewers’ Olympics. Besides that, it’s a normal weekend in Denver. Wine fests, beer releases, movies in the park. Top Gun is playing in Civic Center […]

Vine Street Block Party and Brewers’ Olympics is this Saturday

Head over to Vine Street Pub this Saturday for a block party and the 2nd Annual Brewers’ Olympics. Brewers’ Olympics, what’s that? Imagine a middle school field day, with balloon tosses and three legged races, but the middle schoolers are actually burly bearded brewers and shit-kicking pink boot wearing breweresses (I just made up that […]

Weekend off the Wagon – July 27-29

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Bacon, pies, fests, and a singles safari. Must be the Olympics. See below for a detailed list for weekend events. Check out our full calendar to plan your events well into the future.   Friday Saturday Sunday High: 88˚ Low: 65˚ Isolated T-Storms Precip: 30% High: 91˚ Low: […]

Weekend off the Wagon – July 20-22

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday A sad day today in Denver, after an unthinkable tragedy last night. Hug your neighbor, buy a stranger a drink, and enjoy yourself as best you can. To those affected by the shootings last night, our hearts go out to you. Stay safe, Colorado, and have […]

Weekend off the Wagon – May 18-20

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday You’re going to have to put on your big boy (or girl) pants this weekend and make some difficult choices. There’s something awesome happening just about every minute, and it’s not going to be an easy decision. For example, look at the tap lists at Star […]

American Craft Beer Week / Colorado Beer Week Event List

American Craft Beer Week and Colorado Beer Week are here! Declare your craft beer independence, patronize the hell out of your local, and drink some good stuff. Let’s do this.   We’ll keep this list updated as the week progresses. Know something we missed? Super stoked about a particular event? Were we slydexic in our […]

Drinking With Dogs

Drinking With Dogs Vol. 3

At Vine Street Pub on 4/20. It was somewhat of a block party, and I came around the fence to have a drink with this guy. No shortage of dogs here. If you enjoy Drinking With Dogs, we have a special announcement this week. Our friends at Cru Vin Dogs are having a contest that allows you to […]

Weekend off the Wagon – April 20-22

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday What’s the booze equivalent of 4/20? Hmm.. There are specific holidays that rise above the “let’s drink because of that Saint in Ireland” or “this day has a Spanish name for the fifth of May, let’s drink!”. For example, the day prohibition was repealed (December 5th, FYI). Or, […]

Vine Street Pub & Brewery Heats Up Friday for “Smokin’ Hot Anniversary Party”

John Fiorilli, Head Brewer at Vine Street Pub

Vine Street Pub is on a roll!  They opened the brewery mere days ago, began selling growlers, and now they’re celebrating their 4th Anniversary.  Here are the details: Four years ago, the owners of Boulder’s Mountain Sun and Southern Sun Pub & Brewery opened Vine Street Pub in Denver. Both Boulder locations are pubs with […]

The Vine Street Pub and Brewery Now Selling Beer To Go

 [Press Release] Beginning tonight, you can finally purchase Mountain Sun Ales in growlers to take home with you.  After a four-year wait in Denver (thanks for your patience, Denver), the Vine Street Pub has attained all necessary licensing to brew beer, which means you can take Mountain Sun Ales home with you. Kevin Daly, founding […]

Last Chance for Stout Month Recap – Featuring the Colorado Beer Girl

Hey it’s stout month and it’s time for a recap on beer blog writing thus far! Leah Arthur, The Colorado Beer Girl, and I sat down for a couple of stouts over at the Vine Street Pub last weekend with plenty to report and taste. I was feeling quite sleepy and decided to start off with […]

It’s our birthday and we’ll… drink if we want to. And we want to.

Today is the day. We are officially 1 year old. Jonathan Shikes wrote a great writeup on our first year for Westword today. Check it out for some history and awesomeness. We’ll focus on the year ahead starting next week. And mind you, it’s going to be awesome. We’ll talk about the past year tonight […]

Stout Month Contest Winners

Let me just start by thanking all of you for your submissions, they were all great and I had fun reading through them.  That being said, we had to pick our favorites (I narrowed the pool to 10 and Hutch selected his Top 3).  So without further ado, here are the winners of the Stout […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Mountain Sun Addiction Imperial Coffee Stout

Mountain Sun Addiction Imperial Coffee Stout In celebration of Stout Month, here is one of my favorite stouts from the Mountain Sun trio.  What’s your favorite stout so far? [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!]

Weekend off the Wagon – February 17-19

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Track 1: Friday: One night in Bordeaux – learn to cook while drinking wine. Saturday: Wake up with the Coffee Beer Fest at Denver Beer Co, head over to FreshCraft for some Noble Rot, and finish the day at 3 Kings for My Bloody Violent-Tine Horror Film Festival. Sunday: […]

Stout Month is Here at Last!

Ever since being introduced by a couple of friends, Vine Street Pub has always had a special place in my heart.  Sure, most of their servers wear wool hats indoors, skinny jeans, huge frames, and other fashion statements I’ll never understand, but their beer is damn good.  Aren’t convinced?  Let me tell you about a […]