TRiNiTY returns silver medal and the inherent flaws of beer judging

TRiNiTY BREWiNG COMPANY recently did something that sent a slight tremor through the craft beer world.  They did something a less scrupulous brewery might not have done.  Not to sound too dramatic, but they did something with the potential to change the public’s entire view of beer competitions.  They returned the silver medal they’d won […]

Weekend off the Wagon – Patio season is here

[Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox every Friday – Sign up now!] It’s 80 degrees today, folks! That means patios are starting to open up for your enjoyment. The Post Brewing Co. is one of said places! Get your bums out there and enjoy the warmth and suds!     Friday Saturday Sunday High: 80˚ […]

Food, beer, books, more food, and friends: Colorado’s Top Brewers Book Release

I’m hungry. I wasn’t before I started writing this article. But then I found the pictures you’ll see below. And now I’m hungry. And I won’t be satisfied until this Sunday at 3pm when I get to the Tattered Cover and start eating. For the past two years, Emily Hutto has been researching her way […]

Sweet Lady Beerventure

It all started innocently enough with a simple comment from my boss: “So apparently Alan down at Phantom Canyon made a sour mash cherry beer.”  I was intrigued, and needed this in my face. Colorado Springs really isn’t that far away and there are some other breweries down there.  One could make a nice little day […]

Saison Overload! 4th Annual Saison Festival at TRiNiTY Brewing Co.

On April 14, TRiNiTY Brewing Company in Colorado Springs held their 4th Annual Saison and Farmhouse Ale Festival at their newly remodeled brewery.  One of the most highly specialized beer festivals in the state, Saison Fest draws a rather large and diverse crowd. Saison, meaning “season” in French, originated in the Wallonia region of Belgium […]

Four new brews from Trinity

Straight from the horse’s mouth / off the tap / from the brewery… Straight from Trinity’s newsletter: Releasing this month we have some very special seasonal beers: Libidinous returned to the taps as a Saison rather than a lager this year on Sept. 2. This San hopped Belgian ale is crafted with heather tips, juniper berries, […]

Weekend off the Wagon: August 26 – August 28

[Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday] If I had my weekend my way (with my multiple clones) these are some of the tracks I’d pick: Track 1:   Friday: Denver Suitcase Party, because that’s just awesome. Saturday: Freshcraft 1st Anniversary Party.  Yep.  And then the Green Route Fest in RiNo.  Maybe I […]

Wynkoop hosts United Tastes of Belgium beer event

This Saturday, May 21st from 1-4:30pm, Wynkoop is rolling out a fantastic beer event, The United Tastes of Belgium.  With a list like this (below), it’s a great way to feel around the Belgium beer style, try some new breweries, and at a great price.  There will also be a short list of Belgian dishes […]

The Hunt for Pliny the Younger

Pliny the Younger

In the beer geek world there are those rare beers that will cause people to wait in line for hours in the hopes that they might get a taste.  The majority of the time these limited beers are available only at the brewery or a satellite location, but every once in a while, kegs make […]