Pairing food with spirits: Tequila

For years, food pairings were solely devoted to wine. A red wine was a perfect accompaniment to meats while white had its place next to pasta and fish. Nowadays, not only have the previous rules been broken, food and alcohol pairings have been expanded. Beer dinners have become popular over the past few years, and […]

Meet Denver’s Most Imaginative Bartender: Ben Carrington

In its first year, La Biblioteca has already established itself as Denver’s tequila hub, touting over 300 different varietals, and is now home to Denver’s “Most Imaginative Bartender.” Ben Carrington, head bartender at this cavernous downtown cantina, took home the crown at this year’s competition with “The Recluse,” a cocktail made with Bombay Sapphire gin, […]

Weekend off the Wagon – Feeling fancy or outrageous this weekend?

Friday Saturday Sunday High: 76˚ Low: 57˚ T-Storms Precip: 80% High: 82˚ Low: 55˚ Mostly Sunny Precip: 20% High: 83˚ Low: 56˚ Mostly Sunny Precip: 0%   Friday, August 22 High Plains Comedy Festival Various Locations in Denver Ready for a good laugh? The second annual High Plains Comedy Festival started Thursday and continues until Saturday night. […]

Cocktail Hour on Little Raven

Tequila is an odd drink. Often the source of hazy college flashbacks, late night runs for food you’ll regret in the morning, and the only drink served regularly from belly buttons. It is not a surprise then that many swear off it completely as they grow past their partying days. This unfortunate reputation is in […]

Viva Sangrita!: The Second Annual Rooftop Cocktail Fiesta

The second annual Viva Sangrita cocktail competition is upon us. On June 17th from 2:30 – 4:30p.m. on the Linger rooftop (2030 W. 30th St.) Tequila Ocho and The Bon Vivants present the Colorado regional finals for the national event. Tequila Ocho’s artisan agave spirits reflect the authenticity of the Mexican culture from which they […]

Discover the Inside of Rio’s Tequila Vault

The allure of the world’s most sought after tequilas may lead one down the road of temptation. As such, special care is required when handling the delicate beauty of these spirits as even holders of the key will be drawn to the vault. The Rio Grande Denver has masterfully hand-selected a collection of the finest […]

Spend Mondays Like Fridays at Earls

Mondays suck. Whether you attacked Sunday Funday too hard, or you’re dreading that fact that you’ll spend the next five days stuck behind a desk, rare is the person who looks forward to Monday. Sensing a market for those who want to self-medicate on Mondays, Earls Kitchen + Bar recently introduced its Thank Goodness It’s […]

National Margarita Day, No Pantalones

The best thing about margaritas is that you don’t need pants to drink them. I may enjoy patio drinking just as much as the next man, but there are some real perks to drinking at home. Namely, no pants. Let’s continue. While we have our whiskey and wine, I believe that there is no better […]

Holiday Cocktails to grease up your turkey stuffing piehole with

Fall Drinks

One of the greatest things you can bring to the table for this week’s Thanksgiving festivities is not your mom’s recipe for green bean casserole. Leave that one up to mom. Instead, bring some booze. Before you get all gooey with the day’s special bird, drink down something delicious to make the experience even more […]

Day Of The Dead, Tequila Weekend

Day of the Dead Tequila

Dia de los Muertos, celebrated after the eve of All Hallows, is a Catholic holiday mostly known for its Mexican ties here in the States. While the holiday is observed in many countries around the world, Mexico has the most well-known iconic imagery associated with the Day of the Dead; honoring loved ones who have […]

Tanteo Tequila Giveaway: Cocoa

As promised, we’re giving away a bottle of Tanteo Cocoa today. How can you say no to sweet, spicy and chocolate-y goodness? Tanteo Cocoa is fantastic on the rocks with an orange peel garnish, but I’m offering up a White Mayan cocktail recipe today. Think white russian, just…Tanteo Cocoa style. White Mayan 2 oz. Tanteo […]

Tanteo Tequila Brings Its Flavor Game

Booze lovers watch out. There’s a new tequila in town. Tanteo Tequila is taking you beyond traditional tequila with interesting and fun infusions. With tequilas made from 100 percent agave, Tanteo includes tropical fruits, jalapeño, and cocoa. Tropical Tanteo Tropical will surely take you on a stroll down the beach with the ocean lapping at […]

Paloma Coma Cupcakes

Paloma Coma

Summer time is the time for tequila-based cocktails and all of the time is time for cupcakes. With these delicious morsels I managed to combine the two. One of my all time favorite tequila drink is the Paloma with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, tequila, and just a bit of lime. As you may or may […]

National Margarita Day: A Story of Trial and Error

I pinch. I squeeze. I do these things to fruit. Then I add sugar and booze and it is good most of the time. That is the way I always treated tequila, until recently. Other than occasionally catching a hipster trying to order a tequila & tonic (from the gun, I might add), tequila cocktails […]

12 Days of a Wagon Christmakwanzakah

By now, you’ve seen a million emails and TV commercials touting the 12 Days of Christmas in order to get you to open your wallet. Per Wikipedia, “the lyrics of The Twelve Days of Christmas may have no meaning at all. Its meaning, if it has any, has yet to be satisfactorily explained.” Reminiscing about our crazy […]

Ask the Janitor – South of the Border edition.

Janitor, tequila cocktails

A question submitted from Twitter: Why the hell can’t I get a clean, simple marg instead of a sugar bomb at most places? –Suburban Marg Huntress** **For the short answer and to skip all of my blovating, scroll to the bottom. Margaritas terrify me.  Everyone has secret recipes and tricks that make theirs the best […]

Welcome to Barrel Season!

You might be wondering what I mean by ‘Barrel Season’, so I’ll explain myself.  You can find a barrel-aged beer on the shelves of any liquor store in town from January to December.  However, it’s around this time of year that their numbers appear to increase dramatically.  But it’s not just the pure number of […]

Prendi Intossicato Con Una Capra

Even though it is not remotely close to Columbus Day, we shall pay homage to the ‘discoverer’ this week. Legend states that when Christopher’s fleet crossed the high seas, they traveled with 3 times the amount of booze they needed to make the trip- because of the elements, and “loss”. I call bullshit. That dude knew […]

Batalla de Blake St.

As one matures, it is a natural progression to move on to the finer things in life. You might say, “I no longer drink PBR ‘since I moved up like George and Weezie’” (Willard Christopher Smith, Jr 1998). Well, we are all guilty of drinking PBR, even if we have to wrangle that pinky finger back […]

Season Opener (No, Not Baseball)

I am not what you would consider a fair weather fan when it comes to sports (go Rockies), but when we are talking booze- I appreciate soaking in a little bit of the outdoors when drinking. As winter dwindles down here on the Front Range, the time has arrived to dust off your favorite pair […]