Making Angels Envious – Angelshare Bringing Together Spirits and Cocktail Enthusiasts

“Angels’ share” is a reference to the amount of alcohol lost during the aging process. As spirits and wine age in oak barrels, water and alcohol tend to evaporate, especially in adverse conditions. When distillers opened up the barrels and saw the missing alcohol, they just figured that the angels wanted their share. Now, Angels’ […]

Weekend off the Wagon – October 11-13

polar bear down

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Pat yourselves on your backs. You’ve made it through day one of GABF, and I know you’re ready for more. Get your best hangover cures handy for the next few days, because this weekend is sure to not disappoint. If you’re lucky enough to head to […]

Colorado Flood Relief Fundraiser at Star Bar 9/19

This Thursday starting at 5pm, all proceeds from Colorado brewing and distilling products will go to benefit local relief funds for the recent floods and ongoing relief and rescue efforts. Many local booze industry members are donating product, merchandise, and other gifts for a silent auction. The goal is to raise $5,000 for relief efforts. […]

Nontender Contender Challenge! Join in the fun at Star Bar this summer.

“Guest bartender.” It has a nice little ring to it. To be honest, it can be challenging to get behind an unfamiliar bar, but if you’re with the right people, it’s a crazy rush and unbelievably fun. If you aren’t a bartender, it’s not really one of those things you ever think you’ll get to […]

Weekend off the Wagon – April 19-21

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Whelp, it’s 4/20. Let’s just get it out in the open. Here it is. If you’re into partaking in this holiday of holidays, there are plenty of events this weekend. Method-Man and Redman have two back to back shows at Cervantes, the Alamo Draft House celebrates […]

Legends & Rarities – The Tap List

Earlier today we released the tap list for the New Kids on the Block party. Now, let’s get your envy to a boil with the tap list for Legends & Rarities. You can try all these beers this Friday night at Star Bar. Tickets are still available, but not for long. The tap list is […]

Something Old, Something New: Rocking Colorado Craft Beer Week Parties

Colorado Craft Beer Week is almost here, and the events are pouring in. Between a Colorado beer tap takeover at Falling Rock and Hops & Handrails at Left Hand, this week celebrates Colorado beer like none other. Jonathan Shikes over at the Westword wrote about the history of this week and some changes this year brings. Here […]

Barley Wine and Cheese Pairing at Star Bar Tonight

Holy crap. That’s what I said when I saw this poster: Star Bar is throwing a Barley Wine and Cheese pairing tonight, starting at 6pm.  They’re also throwing in 3 pilsners, and the closest thing Stone makes to a pilsner – Levitation.  So Big ABV / Low ABV, why not. 6:00 PM. 8 beers 4 […]

Weekend off the Wagon – February 22-24

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday It’s our birthday! So, you know, we’ll probably take it easy this weekend. Being two and all, lots of naps and crying. Ok the last part is probably true. Join us tonight at Denver Beer Co for the release of Dubbel Entendre. Tomorrow, we’re crawling through […]

Fat Tuesday Party at Star Bar

If you had only one night left of drinking for 40 days, you would want to spend the night with us at Star Bar. Mardi Gras is this today, and the practice of the last night of overindulging dates back to the late 1690s. Mardi Gras is celebrated in a number of traditionally ethnic French […]

It’s our birthday and we’ll drink if we want to.

Over the past two years, we’ve done a lot of drinking. A lot of thinking and a lot of drinking. Through beer, wine, and spirits, we have sipped, sloshed, slurped, sopped, swallowed, swigged and swilled our way around this fine town. In honor of turning two, we are throwing a three-day party. Because, math. And […]

Weekend off the Wagon – February 1-3

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Stout Month is here! Avery Gauntlet at Star Bar is here! The Wagon’s birthday is.. almost here! February is a good month. See below for the nitty gritty.   Know about something that we missed? Have an event coming up? Send it our way: See below […]

Tomorrow #DenverTweetup & Can Do MS Team Teledu Fundraiser

team teledu mascot

Have you ever wanted to do something generous and good but your overwhelming need for a tasty craft beer gets in your way? Yes? Friends, today you are in luck!  Tomorrow beginning at 6:00 PM, head on over to Star Bar for a fundraiser supporting the Can Do MS foundation. A mere $6.00 gets you […]

Weekend off the Wagon – January 25-27

Death Ripper Release at TRVE

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday What up, Denver? Welcome to summer summer summer time. With that said, check out the Art of Winter down on Larimer Square. But wear a t-shirt. Because weather. Anyway. There are some cool events this weekend, like cheap booze! City Wine has an 18th Anniversary super sale, […]

Weekend off the Wagon – December 21-23

Due to server issues this morning and a hangover that makes me wish the Mayans were right, Weekend off the Wagon is a short one today. Our Mutual Friend is throwing a party and a food drive tonight while Freshcraft empties their cellars to pour some ridiculous beer. Meanwhile, Star Bar will play Christmas Vacation on […]

There’s not enough time for a witty title – the end is near and we’re throwing a party

The Mayans knew it. The crazy guy on the RTD knows it. Hell, even you know it – The World is Ending on December 21st! Rather than hitting up the Costco for batteries and canned foods or dropping a few million on an apocalypse bunker, lets just agree that the only appropriate course of action […]

Where to Drink [Anything but Beer] During GABF

On the surface, beer week doesn’t appear to offer much opportunity in the realm of cocktails. Beer is literally everywhere and in everything, all over the city from your cheese soup to someone’s soggy Lederhosen. Our stance on GABF is that it’s actually the best time to enjoy a cocktail- in between all that beer […]

The really important debate: Which Colorado brewery makes the best hoppy beer?

Remember the DNC a few years back? Trying to drive anywhere? Attempting a conversation about the Nuggets and their victorious games but being drowned out by politics? Homeland Security’s eery presence that hasn’t really left yet? Today is going to feel similar. The first Presidential Debate is today at DU. I-25 is closed. People who […]

GABF Event: Avery and Denver off the Wagon Pucker Up Poker Run

On the 2nd day of GABF, join the crews from Avery Brewing Company and Denver Off the Wagon for a crazy crawl among five of Denver’s premier pubs!  At each stop, you will get a 4oz. pour of a rare, barrel-aged sour beer, a 6oz. pour of a palate cleansing beer, and a playing card. […]

Original Cocktails #1

Welcome to our new series, Original Cocktails, where we will focus on our favorite barmen/barwomen around Denver and the cocktails they have artfully crafted. You should be well aware of the city’s love of great drinks by now, so the hope is to make that bond even tighter by highlighting some of the magic that […]