Kickstarting a Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 1

sarah howat former future brewing company

With all the brewery news that comes out of Colorado every week, you’d be forgiven for missing the launch of Former Future Brewing Company’s Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter has become a popular way for new local breweries to gain funding, but what actually goes into a campaign and how does the whole 30 days unfold? While […]

8 Reasons to Go to Adrift Today

I unabashedly love Adrift, the Tiki bar at 218 South Broadway. A primer for those who have never been to a Tiki bar: based around a too-good-to-be-true Polynesian or more generic ‘island’ theme, these places were most popular in the 1930s and 40s. They developed their own culture and cocktails during their heyday. As the […]

Tiki Tuesday at Madison Street to “rock the casbah”

It’s a tiki timeout.  A tiki drink, simply rum and juice (or rums and juices), is the longest-standing drinking trend ever.  What began in the 1930s has spanned over the decades in its retro gloriousness.  You’ve seen ’em: Scorpion bowls, umbrella drinks, and rum, a second rum, juice, a second juice, and a possibly a […]

A Dive By Any Other Name Would Smell As…

Here’s to the American Dive Bar. To two choices of beer, cheap shots, pickled eggs and bartenders with one bottle and a soda-gun. To the regulars who come and go like clockwork, and to a quiet hiding place to spend an afternoon. To the faint smell of urinal cakes and to the single eye-hook that […]