Avery SourFest 2013: ‘Pucker Up Buttercup’

On Saturday 400 lucky beer nerds puckered up for Avery Brewing Co.’s 4th Annual Boulder SourFest, sampling as many of the 54 draft and 27 bottled wild and sour ales as possible. Despite the many angry beer nerds who couldn’t garner access to this Boulder shindig, the event was stellar and other festivals can learn […]

Beer Rights For All! The Sour Revolution is Nigh!

Revolution is in the air! Factions are developing. Committees are conspiring. And parties are forming. Some groups are no longer willing to sit idly as the privileged enjoy the spoils of the fourth annual Boulder Sour Fest at Avery Brewery this Saturday. Sour Fest, which sold out in just minutes, features over 80 of the rarest, sourest, pucker-face […]

We’re giving away a pair of SourFest tickets

Check it out! Another chance to not go to SourFest! That’s right, we’ll get your hopes up and then let you down roughly. We won’t call. We won’t text. You’ll just see us out with your friend. It’ll be messy. Unless of course you win. Then we can hang out. Enter below. It’s easy. Click […]

Take the bus to SourFest

You’re one of the lucky few who hit refresh at the exact right second and scored a ticket to SourFest. Congrats! Screw the lottery. Now don’t miss out on this next set of tickets. Rackhouse Pub set up a bus to get you from Denver to Boulder and back. Don’t worry about driving, parking, or, […]

2013 SourFest tickets on sale tomorrow morning (Friday, April 26)

There isn’t much to say about SourFest. Is it the best festival in existence? Probably. Will tickets sell out in minutes? Most likely. Should you try to get them? Absolutely. Will we tell anyone if you tie up your friend who got tickets when you didn’t, steal his tickets, and leave him with a dog […]

2012 Boulder SourFest – a puckered place for good beer and good people.

Boulder SourFest.  It’s a magical place wedged between October’s Great American Beer Festival and January’s Big Beers Festival.  It’s a place where the Russian River table–pouring blessed beers–stands sans a line. It’s a mecca for beer aficionados to congregate and proclaim the beer gospel.  And after selling out in a mere 3 minutes this year, entry tickets were even […]

Beer Porn of the Week – SourFest Edition

Some delicious offerings from Avery’s 3rd Annual SourFest this weekend. We’ll have an event recap up soon. In the meantime, check out Sean’s pictures from the event: http://beertographer.tumblr.com/post/24385760144/break-out-the-tums-sour-fest-packs-a-punch. [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!]

Weekend off the Wagon – June 1 – 3

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday It’s June. June! When the hell did that happen? It’s like time keeps moving regardless of how many whiskey rivers I float down. Crazy. Yet another weekend of awesomerrific events in Denver. Make sure you stroll down Larimer Square this weekend and check out the Chalk […]

Win a ticket to Avery SourFest this Saturday. Also, take the bus.

You know that little festival called Avery SourFest that sold out in 2 minutes? We have an extra ticket. Want it? You have to work for it. Sort of. Write a haiku for us. It can be about Avery, SourFest, sour beer in general, the Wagon, or something else creative that you think we’ll love. Leave […]

Avery SourFest Tickets On Sale Tomorrow (Friday, 4/27)

You all know what SourFest is. If not, there’s a recap from last year. Tickets are $50 and go on sale tomorrow – Friday, April 27 – at 9am MDT. Last year, the event sold out in less than 20 minutes. So, get ready. Tickets: http://www.ticketalternative.com/Events/18289.aspx. Some notes from the brewery: Get your pucker on, and help […]

Sour Hour at Rackhouse Pub: Drink Avery Beers, Win SourFest Tickets

Every Wednesday starting 4/18, the Rackhouse will have a special tapping  of Avery Brewing Company beer from 4-6pm. Anyone in attendance can enter to win a pair of tickets each to Avery Brewing Co.’s 2012 Boulder SourFest on Saturday, June 2nd (12 total tickets to win!)*. Transportation will be provided to & from the festival […]

Avery SourFest tickets go on sale April 27th

Avery Sour Ale Fest tickets will go on sale Friday, April 27th at 9 am MST, through www.ticketalternative.com. All sales will be online only. Last year, tickets sold out in under 20 minutes. Mark your calendars and pucker up.

Avery Strong Ale Fest tickets on sale tomorrow [Friday] at 9am

Tickets for the 10th annual Avery Strong Ale Fest go on sale tomorrow morning (Friday, 1/6) at 9am. Tickets are $40. The festival is made up of 2 sessions: Friday, March 9th, 5-10pm Saturday, March 10th, 12-5pm 80+ beers, 8+% abv, music, food, tasting glass, and a rockin’ good time. Go to http://www.averybrewing.com/ for tickets. Tickets […]

Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines

The annual Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines Festival is upon us! This weekend, beer geeks invade the Cascade Hotel in Vail for some big bold bodacious beautiful brews. B. The festival has a lot of events, with judging, cigar pairing, and more. Most of the events are already sold out, but the commercial tasting portion […]

Avery 2012 Festival Dates Released

Avery has released their festival dates for 2012. Mark your calendars now, book your tickets, find a ride, and get ready to buy early. Last year, SourFest sold out in 17 minutes.   10th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Festival Friday & Saturday, March 9th & 10th, 2012, Avery Brewing Company Tickets ($40) go on sale […]

Sour Fest Recap: Pucker Up Buttercup

Ah, the annual Sour Fest at Avery 2011 edition!  A place where Tums are provided at every booth and sour beer runneth like very non viscous liquid.  Beer geeks run wild with their faces a little more screwed up than they normally are and all are in good spirits. Many members of The Wagon were […]

Beer Porn of the Week

Special this week: dubbel beer porn! [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!]

Weekend off the Wagon – 6/10-6/12

Your Weekend Forecast* Friday, June 10th Partly Cloudy High: 73˚ – Low: 55˚ Precip: 20% Saturday, June 11th Isolated Thunderstorms High: 77˚ – Low: 55˚ Precip: 30% Sunday, June 12th Partly Cloudy High: 84˚ – Low: 57˚ Precip: 0% * This is Denver. Bring a swimsuit and ski jacket at all times. And now on […]

Great Divide Anniversary Party or Avery SourFest

  The stars were misaligned. The tea leaves were read incorrectly. The soup can telephone had a kink in the line. For whatever reason, and I truly believe neither party are to blame, Great Divide and Avery are both throwing their best parties of the year on the same day. Great Divide’s 17th Anniversary Party […]

2nd Annual Avery SourFest – Tickets on sale TODAY

Avery SourFest. One of the best – if not THE best – festival out there. Tickets go on sale today at noon. Get yours. My recap from last year’s inaugural event on The Hop Press.