On the Wagon for Off the Wagon: Part 4 OR The Shameful Thing I Did Over the Weekend

beer hugging grafitti

Seeing how last week was Thanksgiving, I’m guessing some of you are still trying to figure out what to do with all the weird leftovers that you haven’t gobbled up yet (I’d also wager half of you ate pie for breakfast Friday morning and had turkey sandwiches for lunch and dinner). That Tupperware filled with […]

On the Wagon for Off the Wagon: Part 3 OR The Week My Body Fell Apart

I’m not saying you have and I’m not saying you haven’t, but if you’ve ever gone off the sauce for a slightly longer than an average period of time (you know, like 24 hours or so ) you know the point when your body just sort of shuts down and you wind up with every […]

On the Wagon for Off the Wagon: Part Two OR Please Stop Making the Pity Face

baby rage

I’m in my second week of sobriety and it is a miracle that I haven’t run into a bar screaming, thrown a handful of twenties at the bartender and laid down underneath the beer tap, pulled the handle and drowned myself in a kamakazie of stouts, porters and lagers (I don’t care how desperate I […]

On the Wagon with Off the Wagon: A Four Part Series in Torture

Hello. My name is Kelly, and I’m On the Wagon. What? Don’t look at me like that. Sometimes a girl’s liver just needs a break. A month-long break. Yup, that’s right; I’m booze-free for the entire month of November. I started on Wednesday. That’s right. I started a day early. Not because I’m an overachiever, […]