Weekend off the Wagon – February 15-17

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday [Insert some joke here about Valentine’s Day before publishing — editor] I had a Tweak at Vine Street Tuesday night. What I mean by that is: get your ass to Stout Month. There are some cool events this weekend, like the Pabst Pond Hockey Tournament, a […]

American Craft Beer Week / Colorado Beer Week Event List

American Craft Beer Week and Colorado Beer Week are here! Declare your craft beer independence, patronize the hell out of your local, and drink some good stuff. Let’s do this.   We’ll keep this list updated as the week progresses. Know something we missed? Super stoked about a particular event? Were we slydexic in our […]

Saison Overload! 4th Annual Saison Festival at TRiNiTY Brewing Co.

On April 14, TRiNiTY Brewing Company in Colorado Springs held their 4th Annual Saison and Farmhouse Ale Festival at their newly remodeled brewery.  One of the most highly specialized beer festivals in the state, Saison Fest draws a rather large and diverse crowd. Saison, meaning “season” in French, originated in the Wallonia region of Belgium […]

FreshCraft Does it Again – Winter Beer Pairing Dinner

This was our second seasonal beer pairing dinner at FreshCraft and going in, our expectations were high after an awesome Autumn Beer Pairing Dinner a few months ago. They truly do a spectacular job pairing their beer with these dishes, including a good mix of classic pairings and ones that test your palate. You’re sure to drool […]

Festive Winter Beers

Deschutes Jubelale

It’s that time of year again where every brewery near and far has a seasonal release.  Winter is jam packed with special beers, more so than any other season.  While winter warmer is far from my favorite style, there are so many offerings that even I find quite a few that I get all gooogly […]

5th Annual Fresh Hop Celebration at Falling Rock this Saturday

Every October, Falling Rock and Deschutes throw an awesome fresh hop party in the parking lot. About a dozen breweries show up, as well as a homebrew shop and some bands. $25 gets you in and unlimited tastings, and you get to vote on your favorite beer of the day. There’s a raffle, awards, and […]

All Hail the IPA! Give us Liberty, and innovation.

What started out as a brewer’s act of necessity more than 200 years ago has emerged as one of the primary driving forces in the booming and experimental craft brewing industry we see today. By now we should all the know the story of the development of the first English IPAs. Sailing around the world […]

Roadtrip – Trinity Brewing Company, Colorado Springs

Road Trip #1 – Trinity Brewing Company, Colorado Springs 1466 Garden of the Gods Road I have heard nothing but great things about Trinity for quite some time. From other brewers, vendors, sales people, beer slingers, and fans. I had an excuse to stop by after meeting my grandmother for lunch at the Golden Bee. […]

Wynkoop hosts United Tastes of Belgium beer event

This Saturday, May 21st from 1-4:30pm, Wynkoop is rolling out a fantastic beer event, The United Tastes of Belgium.  With a list like this (below), it’s a great way to feel around the Belgium beer style, try some new breweries, and at a great price.  There will also be a short list of Belgian dishes […]