Beer Theory, Chapter IV: A Pale! A Pale! My Cellar for a Pale!

Beer Theory is a monthly series that exists where geekdom relents. It’s the cross between prose, poetry, philosophy, and spilling a beer on your keyboard. Look for it the last Friday of every month. I was recently talking with a friend of mine who happens to be the beer curator for one of the most […]

Sesh Fest – A beer fest you can survive

Want to attend a beer event that won’t make your tastebuds, wallet or day-after self unhappy? Then look no further. Sesh Fest, the second event in the Lovibond Series presented by The Colorado Brewers Guild and Imbibe Denver, is an event where attendees can sample a multitude of beers without feeling the overwhelming effects of […]

Session in Question

For months I’ve put off writing this article, laziness being the number one reason, but a recent ad for Harpoon Brewery’s Citra Victorious in BeerAdvocate #87 really pushed me over the edge. Short of calling their Pale Ale a straight-up “session beer,” they twice mentioned its “sessionable” nature. A bright, Citra-hopped pale ale with a […]

Hogshead is the brewery I didn’t know I was missing.

During an impromptu survey of new breweries on Saturday, Mama Monroe and I found out that Hogshead brewery was open. Two weeks in, the tap list was short. That notwithstanding, this is my type of brewery. There was not a Kaffir lime leaf in sight. No lavender, ginger lemongrass or fartberries either. Just really solid […]