Wit’s End Turns Two! Win GABF Tickets and Special Beer

As breweries begin to pop up on every corner like food trucks and dispensaries in our dear city, talk of bursting the craft beer bubble is beginning to surface once again. But rather than getting all hot and bothered about having too many places where we could plop our fannies for afternoon suds, why not […]

Wife Out of Town Special: Day 10 Wit’s End Brewing

Brewery Name: Wit’s End Brewing Company Website: witsendbrewing.com Year Founded: 2011 The Bawss: Scott Witsoe Year Round Brews: 4 Seasonal Brews: 2 Tap room/Tour hours: Thurs 4-8pm, Fri – Sat 2-8pm Josh’s Favorite Beer: Kitchen Sink Porter. I can confirm that it’s super tasty Chris’s Favorite Beer: The Mad King – Weizenbock Guest’s (Rat Man’s) […]

My weekend in beer

My calendar fills up fast. A combination of a love for socializing and an understanding that there is never “just one beer”, my nights and weekends fill up quickly. I’m also a bit obsessed with beer. It’s my life. My schedule for the weekend was full of beer related activities, but I didn’t realize how […]