Raise The Macallan

Do you like bacon, barbecue, and smokey things? The liquor equivalent is most certainly scotch, and you can taste some of the finest tonight through Friday at The Brown Palace. First of all we love scotch, because it is a product from one of the oldest practices in modern distilling, and also due that it gave […]

One Day In A Bottle — Cragganmore Distiller’s Edition

I consider myself to be a pretty lucky guy. I grew up in a small town; was raised in a two-income upper-middle-class family and low and behold, my parents are still married and seemingly in love. I went to college. Grad school. I graduated with my head held high. I have a new career. A […]

No. 3: Your Christmas Workout aka Grand-ma’s Eggnog

Eggnog comes in two varieties: shitty store bought and teen-age-male forearm of fortitude. Why the fuck anyone would mess with that stuff called ‘eggnog’ on the shelves is beyond me. If you want to drink that stuff, go full-hobo and sneak a shot of bourbon into your Starbucks Eggnog Latte. The first step to making […]

In Other News

Turns out the world turns outside of Denver. Crazy, right? Here are a few stories we’ve seen around the tubes:   MMMBop to MMMHop, Hanson to Launch Beer Seriously. Mmmhop. No, really. Just click the link.   Modern Day Matchmaker Holiday Dating Challenge The Sadie Hawkins holiday dating challenge. Ask a dude out. Ask ten dudes […]

Denver Whiskey Club: September Scotchtastic!

The Denver Whiskey Club has announced their September meeting featuring the Glenfiddich family of scotches.  What makes this meeting super neato is that Mr. Mitch Bechard, a national brand ambassador for the brand, will be presenting.  As usual the cost to attend is a steal at $10 per person.  The meeting is Tuesday, September 20th, at Scruffy […]

Denver Whiskey Club August Event

The August event for the Denver Whiskey Club falls on Tuesday the 16th from 7:30pm at Scruffy Murphy’s.   This event is sure to be a hoot given that it is being hosted by the talented Mr. Robert Sickler, Master of Whiskey.  I have had the pleasure of attending a few events hosted by Mr. Sickler […]

Welcome to Barrel Season!

You might be wondering what I mean by ‘Barrel Season’, so I’ll explain myself.  You can find a barrel-aged beer on the shelves of any liquor store in town from January to December.  However, it’s around this time of year that their numbers appear to increase dramatically.  But it’s not just the pure number of […]

That’s whiskey with an ‘e’

Glowing like real gold

Growing up my Grandpa taught me that real Irish folk drink whiskey, and as you may know, I have taken this bit of knowledge to heart.  Being the proud Irish lass that I am I really have no choice but to consume the liquid gold on a regular basis. On a day to day basis […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: March Madness

And the Madness begins.   The second week of March marks the beginning of “March Madness.” It is a time for colleges to flex their muscles, doctors to recommend surgeries, and for bars to open their doors for college basketball fans to come a-running.  The NCAA tournament includes 64 teams total for a wrap up […]

Women’s Code of (Drinking) Ethics

It’s a typical Friday night safari with men and women at their watering hole. And then the animalistic dance begins: men order beer/whiskey and the women order wine/vodka.   We’ve genderized alcohol.  And I don’t like it.   A “masculine” drink is often perceived to be strong, harsh, grainy, and sometimes bitter.  For example, anything with […]