Holiday Cocktails to grease up your turkey stuffing piehole with

Fall Drinks

One of the greatest things you can bring to the table for this week’s Thanksgiving festivities is not your mom’s recipe for green bean casserole. Leave that one up to mom. Instead, bring some booze. Before you get all gooey with the day’s special bird, drink down something delicious to make the experience even more […]

Barcode: Sazerac Cocktail

Denver has amassed a small but significant number of bars and restaurants doing craft cocktails.  It’s not uncommon for the neighborhood local to have a few copper mugs behind the bar for a proper moscow mule, a few julep tins are even lurking in unexpected corners.  Unfortunately, Manhattans are still being shaken to death and […]

Rye Whiskey Revival

A long time ago, in a place not to far away, rye whiskeys were a staple of the drinking culture.  Far and wide across the land people were sipping on a brown distillate made mostly of rye (at least 51%)  in addition to corn, barley and other grains.  Different regions had different styles of rye […]