It’s Nice Out So Let’s Drink Some Damn Rum

If I was a brewer in this summer heat, my alter ego would be Ziggy Barley. I’d show up in one of those hats with the fake dreads attached to them and annoy the shit out of everyone. I get cranky when it’s hot out, so I think everyone else should suffer in some way- […]

The Great Tiki Conundrum


So, tiki drinks. I love them. Poorly done, excellently made, it just doesn’t matter. Tiki drinks have become increasingly important to me as Spring rolls around. I suffer from some sort of seasonal affective disorder and by the time April gets here, it begins to manifest itself as spine-crushing ennui peppered with exciting bouts of […]

Mile High Spirits Set to Take Off

What do Denver and my mouth have in common?  Wrong, and get your mind out of the gutter. We are both extremely happy when overflowing with craft spirits.  The Denver craft spirit scene (and my mouth) are about to get a huge boost with the opening of Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Room, located […]

Tiki Tuesday at Madison Street to “rock the casbah”

It’s a tiki timeout.  A tiki drink, simply rum and juice (or rums and juices), is the longest-standing drinking trend ever.  What began in the 1930s has spanned over the decades in its retro gloriousness.  You’ve seen ’em: Scorpion bowls, umbrella drinks, and rum, a second rum, juice, a second juice, and a possibly a […]

No. 12 — Mayan Apocalypse

One of the coolest things about traditions is that they can either be continued or started.  And this year, I’ve been on a punch kick, serving them at holiday parties or at dinner with family. Now, we’re apparently not supposed to even exist this time next year. Or rather, we’ll be here, and we’ll start […]

The Liquid Diet

This Week in The Liquid Diet: We celebrate an honored American holiday rich in heritage and history.  The final Thursday of every November we pay homage to our past and get together with family and friends.  This day has a different meaning to all of us and unique traditions that play out from one household to the […]

Distillers Sitdown Series: Kristian Naslund of Dancing Pines Distillery

This week, Denver off the Wagon sits down with Kristian Naslund to talk about Dancing Pines Distillery.  From Polka music, to talk about starting in Loveland, CO, his “house” liquor, and his rocking liqueurs, we go into it all.   Biographical information: Full Name Kristian Naslund Current Location: Loveland, CO Name of Distillery: Dancing Pines […]

A janitor’s advice on Classic Cocktails: Daiquiri Time Out

The British Royal Navy mandated in 1740 that every member be given a ration of Grog in 1740.  It was necessary to keep morale high and scurvy at bay. By 1795 the recipe for Grog included Rum, Lime or Lemon juice, and sugar.  The Navy brought this recipe throughout all of their voyages through the […]

School is in session: Distilling 101

Alright kids, school is in session.  This is going to be a rough and tumble crash course on distilling.  I’m not a chemist, I’m not a professional, hell, I’m surprised my chef lets me touch the mop bucket to swab the deck. That being said, I know my way around a bottle of booze and […]

New Holland to distribute spirits in CO

We just received word that New Holland Brewing will begin distributing their spirits in Colorado this spring through Elite Brands.  There is no word on if or when they will begin selling their beer in Colorado.  Their spirits include Zepplin blend straight whiskey, 3 Fresh Water Rums, Citrus & Regular Dutchess Vodkas, Knickerbocker Gin, and the infamous […]