Weekend off the Wagon – May 10-12

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Mother’s Day is Sunday. You’re welcome. Get outside this weekend. There’s a half dozen parties and festivals in the streets, and it looks like winter is taking a nap. We’re sorry we won’t see you at TRVE Slaughter. Unless you bought tickets like a smart person […]

Rosé is the New Red

Let’s be honest, this summer has been sweltering and relief may still be months away. The silver lining? Rosé wine. Its versatility, refreshing crispness and over all ability to make being drenched in sweat from dawn till dusk not seem so bad; rosé just might be the glass of pink relief you’ve been searching for. […]

Tasting the 2011 Tour de France

If last year served as the Tour de France of wine regions for dummies (‘Oh yeah! I’ve heard of Champagne and Bordeaux!’), then this year may be a bit more exciting for the connoisseur (and the pocketbook) as the legendary cycling race speeds past the lesser talked of regions in France. It is a race […]