Repeal Day with David Wondrich at Williams & Graham

It is the morning after the 79th anniversary of Repeal Day, the day that marked the end of Prohibition after 13 miserable years, and I’m feeling much the way that I imagine a lot of America felt when they learned they could once again legally drink in public. December 6, 1933 was likely the day […]

Remember, Remember, the 5th of December?

COBG repeal day poster denver

November 5th may be famous to the Brits for the gunpowder plot and treasonous figures against a tyrranous government. And that’s all find and dandy. Here in America, however, we celebrate the recognition of another tyrannous force being knocked down: December 5th has been officially dubbed “Repeal Day“- the day in 1933 when Prohibition was […]

Repeal Day – Denver Edition

Happy Repeal Day! Seventy-eight years ago today, Utah became the 36th state to ratify the 21st amendment, repealing Prohibition. Its is your duty as an American and as a drinker to celebrate with some hooch. Get on it. The Brewers Association has some great ideas, videos, facts, and other words to get you through your […]