Colorado Distillers Festival is this weekend

And you should go. This summer, Josh Mishell visited 25 distilleries. Twenty-two in Colorado, two in Brooklyn, and one in Maine. His journey covered many miles and many hangovers. Thankfully for you, your wallet, though not so much your liver, you can visit 26 of them this Sunday at Rackhouse Pub. The 3rd Annual Colorado Distillers […]

Colorado’s Distilleries in 80 Days

By guest writer Josh Mishell When I think about Colorado’s craft distilling industry, I see many parallels to our flourishing craft beer scene. The main difference is that craft distilling is currently where craft beer was 25 years ago. What this means is that there are many opportunities to build a distillery in a unique place, and be the […]

Take the bus to SourFest

You’re one of the lucky few who hit refresh at the exact right second and scored a ticket to SourFest. Congrats! Screw the lottery. Now don’t miss out on this next set of tickets. Rackhouse Pub set up a bus to get you from Denver to Boulder and back. Don’t worry about driving, parking, or, […]

Weekend off the Wagon – May 17-19

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday What the hell, Denver? The sun comes out and you decide “Oh, let’s have 138 parties”? Do you know how long it takes to put all of these events in one place? C’mon, buy a guy a beer or something! What I mean to say is […]

Weekend off the Wagon – March 22-24

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Have you been out celebrating for Colorado Craft Beer Week? It’s like a mini-GABF out there. Go get some. Two events you might like, mainly because we’re involved: Legends & Rarities tonight at Star Bar, and New Kids on the Block tomorrow night at The Lobby. […]

Weekend off the Wagon – January 25-27

Death Ripper Release at TRVE

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday What up, Denver? Welcome to summer summer summer time. With that said, check out the Art of Winter down on Larimer Square. But wear a t-shirt. Because weather. Anyway. There are some cool events this weekend, like cheap booze! City Wine has an 18th Anniversary super sale, […]

Left Hand New Year’s Eve tap takeover at Rackhouse

Face it, if you don’t have reservations for New Year’s Eve by now then you are better off enjoying a nice dinner at a Burger King drive-thru. OR you can roll over to Rackhouse Pub for some fare and a special NYE tap takeover by Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing. This collaboration has been in the […]

DAM Gogh de Gard – now available for a limited time at The Rackhouse

Dam gogh dillon dam beer release

Filed under “cool things being done with beer” – Last night at the Rackhouse a keg of DAM Gogh de Gard was tapped for those who truly appreciate the creative and subjective agility that exists between the worlds of art and brewing. The Rackhouse is one of two places (the other being the Dillon Dam […]

Rackhouse 3rd Anniversary Bash: Dry Dock Tap Takeover

Halloween is kind of a big deal for me. I love getting dressed up and seeing other people’s costumes. Also: binge drinking. No, “binge drinking” is a negative term. How about “unmoderated levels of drinking”? That sounds better. This year, I decided to do something a little different and drink good beer for Halloween instead […]

Weekend off the Wagon – October 26-28

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday With Halloween on a Wednesday this year, will you celebrate this weekend? Next weekend? Wednesday? ALL THREE? There are plenty of parties going on this weekend. We picked a few that sounded a little different than the norm. Game of Thrones party? $1000 Costume Contest? Grace […]

Rackhouse Pub Anniversary Party this weekend

Rackhouse Pub celebrating their third birthday this weekend. In their normal way, they’re throwing a ridiculous party. Did you see their New Year’s Party last year? Ya, they don’t mess around when it comes to celebration. From the source: As is the Rackhouse Pub tradition, we don’t half-ass our anniversary party. We’ve been scheming this […]

Denver Off the Wagon Post-GABF Hangover Breakfast

No one wants to think about the Great American Beer Festival being over before it starts; however, with a sigh, I say it must be done. But I don’t think of it as a bad thing, think of it as an “I’m hung over and need food in my belly” kinda thing. We’re partnering up […]

2012 Colorado Distillers Fest Recap

I’d like to start off by first talking about how much liquid cheese I consumed. This substance, especially if there is beer added to it, is probably the most delicious thing on the planet. I suppose that could be debated, but its hot, molten, salty goodness drew me in, and there was probably a healthy […]

2nd Annual Colorado Distillers Festival

Drinking Colorado

Always Drink Colorado. This has become the statement of the Colorado Distiller’s Guild, and we certainly agree with that sentiment. With more than a handful of award-winning distilleries in the mix, this year’s event is set up to be nothing short of amazing. Each distiller will bring the flagships that compose their portfolio, and perhaps […]

Colorado Distillers Festival Contest – Win some tickets!

We’ve partnered with the Colorado Distillers Festival to give away 2 pairs of tickets to this year’s Colorado Distillers Festival on Sunday, August 19th, 2012. Enter below between 10pm on August 2, 2012 and 10pm on August 8, 2012 to try to win some tickets. If you’re afraid of missing out, tickets are $45 until August 18, […]

Take a bus to Avery’s 19th Anniversary this Sunday

Rackhouse Pub is sponsoring a bus up to Avery this Sunday for Avery’s 19th Anniversary Party. They did the same thing for SourFest, and it was a great time, a safe way to get to and from the festival, and.. well, it was a great time. A seat on the bus costs $20. Buy tickets […]

Rackhouse Pub & Colorado Distillers Guild Celebrate the 2nd Annual “Colorado Distillers Festival”

Rackhouse Pub at 208 South Kalamath Street will be hosting the second annual Colorado Distillers Festival on Sunday, August 19th 1-5pm. Come join members of the Colorado Distillers Guild for an afternoon of hand-crafted spirits, custom cocktails & presentations by industry experts. Colorado Distillers Guild participants include: peach street distillers peak spirits mystic mountain distillery roundhouse […]

2012 Boulder SourFest – a puckered place for good beer and good people.

Boulder SourFest.  It’s a magical place wedged between October’s Great American Beer Festival and January’s Big Beers Festival.  It’s a place where the Russian River table–pouring blessed beers–stands sans a line. It’s a mecca for beer aficionados to congregate and proclaim the beer gospel.  And after selling out in a mere 3 minutes this year, entry tickets were even […]

Win a ticket to Avery SourFest this Saturday. Also, take the bus.

You know that little festival called Avery SourFest that sold out in 2 minutes? We have an extra ticket. Want it? You have to work for it. Sort of. Write a haiku for us. It can be about Avery, SourFest, sour beer in general, the Wagon, or something else creative that you think we’ll love. Leave […]

Derby Day AC Golden Tap Takeover at Rackhouse Pub

Tap takeovers are a special sort of event. The bars that have the capacity to invite a brewery for a takeover tend to have a decent selection as is, so the brewery needs to really bring out the heavy hitters. Yes, the normal 6-pack offerings are important, but when you’ve got 20 taps with the […]