Repeal Day with David Wondrich at Williams & Graham

It is the morning after the 79th anniversary of Repeal Day, the day that marked the end of Prohibition after 13 miserable years, and I’m feeling much the way that I imagine a lot of America felt when they learned they could once again legally drink in public. December 6, 1933 was likely the day […]

No. 12 — Mayan Apocalypse

One of the coolest things about traditions is that they can either be continued or started.  And this year, I’ve been on a punch kick, serving them at holiday parties or at dinner with family. Now, we’re apparently not supposed to even exist this time next year. Or rather, we’ll be here, and we’ll start […]

TheLiterateLush: Punch Drunk

While the etymology of “Punch Drunk” may come from the pugilistic arts, it also describes a condition in which I have been recently finding myself. I LOVE punch, and I owe that love to two people: Kevin Burke and David Wondrich. Kevin, the maestro of Colt & Gray, and David Wondrich, the Bard of Booze […]