The Dark Side of Wynkoop

Join the dark side.  They’ve got great beer! No, I haven’t been spending time with Darth Vader and my soul is no more corrupted than usual. In fact, my propensity for darkness helped raise $14,000 for Metro CareRing, a local food pantry, during Wynkoop Brewing Company’s Parade of Darks. Parade of Darks is Wynkoop’s annual celebration […]

Drinking With Dogs

One of the greatest places to drink with dogs in our great state of Colorado is at Pug Ryan’s Tiki Bar on the Dillon reservoir. It happens to be on my top 5 favorite spots on earth sans dogs, but when you add the many dogs that frequent the area, it just becomes that much […]

Beer and Bluegrass in Keystone this weekend

[Press Release] Dercum Center to host 3 Day Winter Bluegrass Festival at Keystone’s Warren Station KEYSTONE (January 5, 2012) – The Dercum Center for the Arts and Humanities is a non-profit based in Keystone Colorado developed to honor the zest for life Keystone pioneers, Max and Edna Dercum envisioned for what is now known as […]

Wynkoop’s Parade of Darks satisfies the dark beer lover

Goodies at the silent auction

The holiday season is upon us and, once again, we are bombarded with sanguine messages of faith, family, and charity.  Bah, humbug!  My thoughts turn elsewhere: to commercialism, to estranged relatives forced to be civil at Christmas dinner, to ice-related traffic accidents.  Oh, my mind goes to dark places.  It is, however, in the dark […]