Spirit Spotlight: Eau de Vie

I like the Germans because they are no bullshit people and they make really good wine. Not a lot of people would make that exact statement, but I am a huge fan of Riesling and the language just gets right down to the point. For example, Schnapps. For our purposes here in the US, the word […]

Orange Spice Cupcakes with Peach Street Distillers’ Peach Brandy

Orange spice cupcake!

This whole summer thing?  Yeah, I’m over it.  As a result I decided to make some cupcakes that remind me of fall.  It is my personal way of trying to force a change in the seasons.  A little bit of fruit, a nice dash of spice, and the use of a brown spirit in the […]

Peach Street Distillers Pop Up Party – Tonight, Star Bar.

Tonight. 6-10pm. Star Bar. Stop by the Stah Bah tonight for a special night featuring Peach Street Distillers’ products, including Jackalope Gin, Jack & Jenny Gin, Goat Vodka, Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Peach Brandy, and DAgave. There will be classic cocktails, redux interpretations, mixed shots, and beer cocktails featuring Ska Brewing. All drinks are only $5, […]