Because Bacon & Beer Festival isn’t heaven enough: Now with more dinner!

Bacon & Beer Festival is coming back to Denver on November 10. Tickets are selling like hotcakes. Filled with bacon. Served with beer. But hey, we know your thirst for bacon and hunger for beer is so insatiable you’ll forgive me the previous misaligned analogy. Well, here’s something more for you: Bacon and Beer Festival Brewers’ […]

Chef n’ Brew Festival Filled With Great Pairings, Poor Planning

The first annual Chef n’ Brew Festival was held at the Oriental Theater on Saturday night. The purpose of the event was to highlight the complementary flavors of locally brewed beer with dishes from some of Denver’s finest chefs. In total, twelve breweries and twelve restaurants were present, several of whom were offering two pairings […]

Wine Down the Rail

Colorado Wine Week is fast approaching. And by fast, I mean it starts Sunday, June 3, and lasts until Saturday, June 9. It will be filled with amazing events including a Colorado Wine Cocktail Celebration, Colorado Wine Farmers’ Market, and wait for it…Wine Down the Rail. Wine Down the Rail is a pretty rad idea. […]

Wine vs. Beer: A Food Pairing War, Hosted by A Bottled Affair

This Wednesday, March 7, from 6PM – 8PM join Denver’s A Bottled Affair for a Beer vs. Wine Pairing War. Experts Ashley Hausman and Clayton Myers will guide you through this five-course wine vs. beer pairing–and guests will decide the winner of each course.  The evening will use components from She Said Wine, He Said Beer, authored […]

The Liquid Diet

This Week in The Liquid Diet: We take a complete 180 from the hustle and bustle of last week’s misadventures in drinking responsibly.  I attempted a much more elegant and serene approach this week. Our journey of discovery is of the Oenophilian variety, which always makes me feel like a bonified gentleman!  A small, tapas-style […]

Rainy Day Drinkin’

It’s a shitty day out there. Grim, cold, grey, wet, and generally pretty unpleasant. Since moving to Denver from the East Coast 5 years ago I’ve lost my tolerance entirely for days like these. Obviously I need to comfort myself with some kind of delicious beverage, but I’m lost for ideas. Anyone have a favorite […]