Barley Wine and Cheese Pairing at Star Bar Tonight

Holy crap. That’s what I said when I saw this poster: Star Bar is throwing a Barley Wine and Cheese pairing tonight, starting at 6pm.  They’re also throwing in 3 pilsners, and the closest thing Stone makes to a pilsner – Levitation.  So Big ABV / Low ABV, why not. 6:00 PM. 8 beers 4 […]

Italian wine for an American feast

Pairing wine with a Thanksgiving meal can be a difficult task due to the mish mash of dishes and culinary components. Ideally, each dish asks for a specific wine. As this is fairly unrealistic for most Thanksgiving diners, I suggest simplifying the entire process and popping bottles in stages. Start with an aperitif to liven […]

Food for Wine & Wine for Food- Strategies for Successful Pairings

As the sommelier of Il Posto, I field hundreds of oenological questions on a nightly basis. These questions range from the basic to the incredibly complex. The majority of my nights revolve around deciphering our wine list and translating the contents of any given bottle to its potential consumer. The lion share of my evening, […]

Strange Brewing to Host GABF Beer Dinner

Worried you don’t have enough beer options this week? Tonight, get some Strange with this highly economical and delicious sounding beer pairing dinner at Strange Brewing. Presented in cahoots with the yummy Worldwide Vittles food truck, a staple at Strange, $40 gets you a four course dinner complete with beer pairings, and live music from Fourth […]

Beer and Chocolate Pairing Tomorrow Night at Star Bar

Tomorrow (Thursday, 12/15) at 6:00 PM, Star Bar is hosting a night of big flavors with a beer and chocolate pairing event featuring Great Divide Beers and handmade chocolates from the Chocolate Therapist.  Big flavors will be theme of the day, with each component adding something memorable to the other. The cost per person is […]

TheLiterateLush: An Account of Battle – Beer vs. Wine at SALT

I’m not always the biggest fan of the People’s Republic of Boulder. There is something about a transient population of thousands of college students (not one of which can be trusted to safely cross a street) with an unnerving sense of entitlement and throngs of new-wave pseudo-hippies worried about sulfites in their wine, garlic in […]

Spring Pairing Dinner at Freshcraft

When: Wednesday, May  4th, 5:30-9pm Where: Freshcraft – 1530 Blake Street What: Join us Wednesday May 4th between 5:30pm and 9:00pm for our 3rd seasonal Beer Pairing Dinner celebrating Spring. Educated staff & brewery representatives will be on hand to speak about the beer and why each course was developed to complement it. This should […]

What wine to bring to dinner… when you don’t know what’s for dinner.

Conversation Starter Wine Esoteric is the route I typically take. For one thing, you really appear like you know what you are doing. Plus, no one really knows much about it, so the little you can learn about it already places you in an advantage. Finally, it’s fun to shake things up. Life’s too damn […]

The art of the simple: Chianti & Pomodoro

If someone were to ask me what my favorite pairing has ever been, it would not be the €8 table rosé I had with a fresh shrimp salad in Cannes on the beaches of the Mediterranean, the memorable ‘04 Pegau Cuvee Laurence Chateauneuf du Pape I had with homemade Boeuf Bourguignon, nor was it even […]

The Enological Epicurean: Bubbles for Dinner

It’s a shame. Nine times out of ten, it seems, people only shop for bubbles for three reasons: holiday, celebrations, and for playing second fiddle to OJ at Sunday morning brunch. Seldom does it occur to one that sparkling wines are among the most food-friendly on the planet. Not only that, they offer health benefits, […]