WWJD: What Would Jackson Drink?

This article is part of a running series of historical event/ beer pairings. Andrew Jackson: America’s favorite president. OK, so more accurately, he was a highly controversial, as-much-hated-as-venerated Tennessean who happened to become president. I find him a more nuanced, tragic character; a victim of his own demons. Regardless, he was portrayed as a ruffian […]

Malt Destiny: Jefferson, Beer and Bald Eagles

Beer and history go hand-in-hand (and I’m not just referring to my preferred method of late-night term-paper-writing or the proportionate relationship between consumption of beer and the languid pontificating of a rambling history buff). We love to fetishize the Founding Fathers as ale-swilling ruffians—underdog beer-lovers against a stuffy monarchy. Any victory for the nascent USA […]