Weekend off the Wagon: NYE 2015 Edition

  Wednesday, December 31 (Happy New Year’s Eve!) New Year’s Eve @ Lucky Pie with RUMTUM & Zane Train Lucky Pie LoDo, 1610 16th St. Worried about getting food late on NYE? Never fear, Lucky Pie LoDo will be keeping its kitchen open until midnight, plus you’ll receive a complimentary glass of champagne if you […]

Weekend off the Wagon – January 3-5

[Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox every Friday – Sign up now!] Have you resolved to only drink on weekends this year? Good! You have no reason to feel guilty about this weekend, then! Like good art, music and tunes? Then don’t forget that today is January’s First Friday with all of Denver’s art districts sure […]

New Beer’s Eve: Toasting with a Good Brew

New Year’s Eve parties are a time of champagne toasts and tumblers of Scotch—is there any room for craft beer?  I think so.  At the end of the countdown, when the big hand and the little hand point straight up on the clock, why not hoist some sudsy goodness in lieu of more traditional libations?  […]

Circling up the Wagons – 12/23-12/30

Congratulations, you’ve survived yet another year of boozin’ on the good stuff. If you know what is good for you, you will head out on Monday night to celebrate the induction of a new year. We have a few ideas of where you can spend your evening, and you can always visit our friends over […]

Open Container Tips for New Year’s Eve

Do I drink or do I not?

Christmas is over and the focus has shifted to the one remaining holiday that places a premium on drinking skills – New Year’s Eve.  While specific events are still being hashed out, most people have a general plan to hop from party to party until arriving at a final location in time for the ball […]

Weekend off the Wagon – December 30 – January 1

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Happy New Year! Everyone ready to drink, make out, drink, and pass out? Sweet, let’s do this. We’ve got an ongoing list of bars with special hours, closings, and tappings, for this week. Check it out.   Track 1: Friday: Hit up every bar you’ve been […]

Schedules for the holidays

Sticking around for the holidays? Here’s a list of who’s open when and what they’re doing. We’ll update this as more information comes in. Comment if you know something that should be on the list. Happy its-cold-out-so-drink-something-delicious-in-a-hot-tub season! Avery | City O’ City | Colt & Gray | Denver Beer Co | Freshcraft | Falling Rock […]