Lugene and his Chocolate Milk Stout

lugene odell's

What does a jolly dairy farmer, chocolate and spent grains have in common?  These were all necessary ingredients to make Odell’s Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout. On a recent tour at the brewery with Mr. Jay Montez (known for his glorious beard that you may have come to gaze upon at this year’s GABF) we were […]

Denver Beer Co. to host Coffee Beer Fest

How do you like your coffee?  Black?  Cream?  Sugar? Personally, I like my coffee how I like my women: loaded with beer. Apparently, Denver Beer Co. feels the same way: they’re hosting the Coffee Beer Fest in their taproom this Saturday, February 18, 9am – noon. With a $25 ticket, attendees will receive a breakfast burrito […]

In Other News

A few things we’ve been reading this week: Real Estate at the bar An important conversation about how one should comport themselves when drinking in crowded bars. Or, why occupying a stool at a bar while drinking free water is uncool.   MolsonCoors (Canada) launches craft brewing division called 6 Pints We’ll see what happens […]