White Snow and Black Beer: Wynkoop’s Parade of Darks

Fresh, flitting snow—delicately alighting upon the earth with its virginal whiteness—pairs best with the teeth-staining, belly-busting corruption of a stout, barleywine, or black IPA.  Indeed, when the seasons turn cold, when the blizzards roll in, and when the nights outweigh the days, it’s time to put away the crisp, light lagers so well-suited for the […]

The Dark Side of Wynkoop

Join the dark side.  They’ve got great beer! No, I haven’t been spending time with Darth Vader and my soul is no more corrupted than usual. In fact, my propensity for darkness helped raise $14,000 for Metro CareRing, a local food pantry, during Wynkoop Brewing Company’s Parade of Darks. Parade of Darks is Wynkoop’s annual celebration […]

Parade of Darks to be held December 1st

parade of darks denver wynkoop 2012

Nights are long, days are cold, winter is nigh; it’s time to put away the fizzy, yellow beers and opt for something a bit heavier. Put down the Pilsner and pick up a porter because you will need a dark beer to warm your core and numb the pain of your relentless relatives this holiday […]

Parade of Darks raises $12,890 for Metro CareRing

Great great great news from Marty over at Wynkoop. This year’s Parade of Darks raised almost $13,000 for Metro CareRing! Our Dec. 3 Parade of Darks fundraiser exceeded our goals for big fun, great beer and hearty fundraising for Denver food pantry MetroCareRing. The grand total was a whopping $12,890. We brought in $9100 through […]

Wynkoop’s Parade of Darks satisfies the dark beer lover

Goodies at the silent auction

The holiday season is upon us and, once again, we are bombarded with sanguine messages of faith, family, and charity.  Bah, humbug!  My thoughts turn elsewhere: to commercialism, to estranged relatives forced to be civil at Christmas dinner, to ice-related traffic accidents.  Oh, my mind goes to dark places.  It is, however, in the dark […]

Wynkoop turns to the Dark Side for their 3rd Annual Parade of Darks

Winter was made for the burly man.  Men shave less, chop firewood, and drink manly beer when it gets cold.  Gone are the months where a nice pint of blonde, pilsner, or hefeweizen would hit the spot; now beer geeks are turning to the dark side: stouts, porters, barleywines and others of that ilk.  Where […]

A sneak peek at Wynkoop’s Beers of the Year

There’s one thing for sure: Wynkoop knows how to throw a party.  I mean, our Governor used to work there.  So it’s no wonder that they have some big headliners, reserve listers, and some hush-hush advanced sips of The Chancellor (single malt, single hop, barrel-aged strong ale that they’ve been aging in whiskey barrels since […]