Weekend off the Wagon – Break out the sunscreen and the sombreros

It’s warm, eventful weekend, you guys. Lots of bike riding, beer drinking, tequila shot taking and mint julep sipping. Here are just a few more things you can find yourself busy with. Go ahead–wet your whistle. Friday Saturday Sunday High: 77˚ Low: 47˚ Mostly Sunny Precip: 0% High: 82˚ Low: 53˚ Mostly Sunny Precip: 0% High: […]

Spend Mondays Like Fridays at Earls

Mondays suck. Whether you attacked Sunday Funday too hard, or you’re dreading that fact that you’ll spend the next five days stuck behind a desk, rare is the person who looks forward to Monday. Sensing a market for those who want to self-medicate on Mondays, Earls Kitchen + Bar recently introduced its Thank Goodness It’s […]

National Margarita Day, No Pantalones

The best thing about margaritas is that you don’t need pants to drink them. I may enjoy patio drinking just as much as the next man, but there are some real perks to drinking at home. Namely, no pants. Let’s continue. While we have our whiskey and wine, I believe that there is no better […]

Weekend off the Wagon — Abridged Version

Hey Wagon Readers! PJ is out of town this week, so here are some top picks for the weekend. Feel free to share news about other weekend events in the comments section below or on our Facebook wall. Cheers! 2012 Colorado Brewers’ Festival, Sat June 23 & Sun June 24 ($20-$25): 70+ Colorado beers and […]

Make Your Own Skinny Girl Margarita at Home

With today being National Margarita Day, you really only have two choices: 1) Head to your local drinking hole and pay $8ish bucks a pop on a questionable margarita OR 2) Make a delicious margarita at home with ingredients you likely have on hand. (Note: there is no option for not drinking a margarita today. […]

National Margarita Day: A Story of Trial and Error

I pinch. I squeeze. I do these things to fruit. Then I add sugar and booze and it is good most of the time. That is the way I always treated tequila, until recently. Other than occasionally catching a hipster trying to order a tequila & tonic (from the gun, I might add), tequila cocktails […]

A Disco Foe: Foul Jug Teeter Set

Justice League of Street Food

You might be wondering what the hell this article is about. Before you drunkards try to decode the cryptic message above, make plans to attend the next Justice League party on Saturday, August 13.  The party will be located at the same place of the first event they had this year, in RiNo – 3507 […]

You’re standing alone at the bar for a reason- what your drink says about you

by Julia Yugel and Lisa Bongiovanni It’s a Friday night and if you’re out at a bar, chances are you’re there to meet some nice men to have a conversation with (or at least get them to buy you drinks for the evening). So how do pick the lucky fellow sucker who gets to spend […]

To feed a cold: Eating (and sneezing) my way through Denver this Spring.

(Courtesy of The Persistent Palate) Spring. A time of rebirth, regrowth…and allergies. I apologize to all two (is it 3 yet?) of you who religiously follow my blog. I have been beaten down, dragged by the heels and left for vultures with this year’s bloom. Suddenly the fuzzy little buds on the trees don’t have […]

Big Margarita Crawl

Stemming from the success (read: awesome adventures) of the Big Beer Crawl, Mike Hansberry started the Big Margarita Crawl. Their mission is simple: Drink good margaritas with good people. Try new margaritas and meet new people. This Thursday, the Crawl will celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style: Big Margarita Crawl will be celebrating Cinco De […]

American Orange Liqueur, the New Cointreau

Orange Liqueur

Always keep lemons and limes in your fridge. I wish I could win a contest that would provide me with a lifetime’s supply- that and olive oil. This column is supposed to be about me going about the city, finding the best margaritas in Denver, but I just moved, so I have been spending a […]

Prendi Intossicato Con Una Capra

Even though it is not remotely close to Columbus Day, we shall pay homage to the ‘discoverer’ this week. Legend states that when Christopher’s fleet crossed the high seas, they traveled with 3 times the amount of booze they needed to make the trip- because of the elements, and “loss”. I call bullshit. That dude knew […]

Batalla de Blake St.

As one matures, it is a natural progression to move on to the finer things in life. You might say, “I no longer drink PBR ‘since I moved up like George and Weezie’” (Willard Christopher Smith, Jr 1998). Well, we are all guilty of drinking PBR, even if we have to wrangle that pinky finger back […]

Season Opener (No, Not Baseball)

I am not what you would consider a fair weather fan when it comes to sports (go Rockies), but when we are talking booze- I appreciate soaking in a little bit of the outdoors when drinking. As winter dwindles down here on the Front Range, the time has arrived to dust off your favorite pair […]