National Margarita Day, No Pantalones

The best thing about margaritas is that you don’t need pants to drink them. I may enjoy patio drinking just as much as the next man, but there are some real perks to drinking at home. Namely, no pants. Let’s continue. While we have our whiskey and wine, I believe that there is no better […]

Win a Bottle of Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila

Summer may be officially gone, but there’s one thing that’s always in season–tequila. And with these cold days and nights ahead of us, I figured you’d like some Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila to warm up the lonely, and spice up the not so lonely (if ya know what I mean), nights. For the lucky winner of […]

Denver Female Bartenders shake, stir it out for Speed Rack Competition

Girl power. I’m all for it.  Especially when it comes in powerful packages like eight final contestants duking it out over classic cocktail recipes with speed and precision.  From my times as a drinking savant, I have great respect for the artist crafting a classic cocktail.  From my bar stages, I have an even greater […]

12 Days of a Wagon Christmakwanzakah

By now, you’ve seen a million emails and TV commercials touting the 12 Days of Christmas in order to get you to open your wallet. Per Wikipedia, “the lyrics of The Twelve Days of Christmas may have no meaning at all. Its meaning, if it has any, has yet to be satisfactorily explained.” Reminiscing about our crazy […]

Two Scoops of Beer {Ice Cream}, Please!

Sweet Action Ice Cream has been a Denver institution since opening in March of 2009.  Located on Broadway, owners Chia Basinger and Samantha Kopicko have always done their best to keep their menu interesting, which includes flavors like Roasted Green Chile, Pocky Red Bean, Earl Grey, and Vegan Coffee & Doughnuts.  For the past 3 years, […]

Ask the Janitor – South of the Border edition.

Janitor, tequila cocktails

A question submitted from Twitter: Why the hell can’t I get a clean, simple marg instead of a sugar bomb at most places? –Suburban Marg Huntress** **For the short answer and to skip all of my blovating, scroll to the bottom. Margaritas terrify me.  Everyone has secret recipes and tricks that make theirs the best […]

To feed a cold: Eating (and sneezing) my way through Denver this Spring.

(Courtesy of The Persistent Palate) Spring. A time of rebirth, regrowth…and allergies. I apologize to all two (is it 3 yet?) of you who religiously follow my blog. I have been beaten down, dragged by the heels and left for vultures with this year’s bloom. Suddenly the fuzzy little buds on the trees don’t have […]

Cinco de Mayo in Denver

Cinco de Mayo Denver

Get your horses ready to out-flank some Frenchmen in a slippery quagmire (read: drink margaritas). It is time to celebrate the 149th anniversary of Mexico whipping out the whoopass on the French, and telling them to take a hike. This was a momentous occasion in Mexican history (but only observed here in the US, oddly), […]