Wazee Supper Club – a historic feel, a modern menu.

wazee supper club menu

I receive an invite to check out the new cocktail menu at the Wazee Supper Club. Summer is coming and a new cocktail menu has been rolled out to welcome it. Last week I was invited in to try out the new menu and a few of the cocktails (and, let’s face it, the beers) […]

Former Future Brewing Company hosts swanky beer tasting at The Oxford Hotel

Imagine a swanky party in a turn-of-the-century hotel suite; resplendent with thick, frilled draperies, dark wood cabinetry, an ornately-carved four-poster bed, and a fireplace in the corner. Imagine a penthouse with a view of a downtown urban area, hardwood floors, plush, leather seating, and decorative molding on the wall. The setting is chic, the partygoers […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Victory Prima Pils at Wazee Supper Club

Victory Brewing Company Prima Pils   Have you been to Wazee Supper Club lately?  If not, you need to swing by.  They’ve completely redone the space, without losing that ‘Granddaddy of LoDo’ feel.  They’ve also got 32 taps with a pretty impressive beer list.  Here’s a look inside the newly remodeled Denver institution courtesy of […]

Wynkoop Expands Brewery; Releases Third Canned Beer

Wynkoop Brewing Company celebrates their first brewery expansion in 13 years. Plus, their newest release and third canned beer, B3K Black Lager, is now available in stores throughout Denver. [Press Release, February 9, 2012: Wynkoop Brewing Announces Brewery Expansion and 2011 Growth] DENVER, CO–Since June of 2011, Wynkoop Brewing Company (Colorado’s first brewpub) has been […]

Denver’s Douchebag-Free Rooftop Patios

Call them what you will: douchebags, d-bags, Joeys, Chads, or a variety of other terms, we prefer to do our drinking in douchebag-free environments.  And so we set out on a quest in Downtown Denver in search of the best rooftop patio that would be “Douchebag” Free. It was quite an adventure and took several weeks.  Here’s […]

LoDo Bites Announces Ticket Sales

LoDo Bites is back.  Ticket sales were announced today for the annual restaurant tasting event on Tuesday, June 21 from 5:00pm-9:00pm. Last year’s participants included Big Game, Bistro Vendome, Chophouse, Celtic Tavern, Common Grounds, Dixons, Fadó, Gumbo’s, The Keg, Lime, Mangiamo Pronto!, McCormick’s Fish House, Organixx, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Tavern Downtown, Vesta Dipping Grill, the […]

Rockies Opening Day – Drink Specials

Rockies Opening Day 2011

It is time for the season opener folks, and this time I am talking about baseball. Yes, Rockies opening day is upon us this week. If you haven’t already asked for Friday off, you better let your coworkers witness mass quantities of Emergen-C falling out of your pants’ pockets and whip up a good fake […]

Batalla de Blake St.

As one matures, it is a natural progression to move on to the finer things in life. You might say, “I no longer drink PBR ‘since I moved up like George and Weezie’” (Willard Christopher Smith, Jr 1998). Well, we are all guilty of drinking PBR, even if we have to wrangle that pinky finger back […]

An excuse to get inappropriately drunk, thanks Ireland.

It’s no secret that we, at Denver off the Wagon, enjoy a couple drinks every now and then. It’s also no secret that sometimes we have a couple more than a couple drinks and stumble around downtown Denver. St. Patrick’s Day provides an excuse to do things that would piss off the guys below. Yes […]

Craft Beer Bar Tour

Self Guided Craft Beer Tour Are you looking for a cool way to spend a day with friends and enjoy the best beer and beer culture that Denver has to offer? Here are two ideas for walking tours of beer bars in Denver that will provide hours of adventuresome craft beer drinking and incredible sightseeing […]