The People’s Choice: Denver’s Top Bottle Shops

Toast! Wine and Spirits

Religion and politics are two things usually thought to be off-limits in casual conversation. After our article a few weeks ago on Denver’s top bottle shops, we might suggest adding “favorite liquor store” to the list of conversation topics to avoid. Why? Well, we learned first hand that folks can be quite ardent in their […]

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Denver’s Top Five Bottle Shops

Mr Bs

Craft beer is booming in the U.S. and, in particular, the greater Denver area. More and more beer drinkers are exploring the bounds of what they can find, and that often means weekly trips to local breweries that are always experimenting with new brews. Consider the popularity of Firkin Friday – a perfect example of […]

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Hugo’s Soft Opening Makes Us Hard

Whiskey Wares at Hugo's

The much anticipated opening of Hugo’s Colorado Beer and Spirits took place last week and we here at the Wagon could not be happier. Hugo’s is located at t 1205 E. 13th Ave (13th and Downing) and it’s focus will be on Colorado brews and Colorado distilleries. One stop shopping for all the great offerings […]

Discounts not ABV


The continuing debate regarding the sale of alcohol at convenience and grocery stores is not really about ABV, it’s about the discounts. See, retailers are just like consumers, they want to find the best possible discount or sale they can.  They then make a better margin.  It makes perfect sense.  Except, they already know where […]