What’s In My Liquor Cabinet – Groundhog Day Edition

Looks like we are in for an early spring, so says Pete. With this information, and looking at the 50°+ forecast for today here in Denver, my attention was drawn to my trusty liquor barn for something that screamed ‘spring.’ Gin? Yes, but strong, just in case that pesky whistle-pig is wrong. Modified with Aperol- […]

Thujone And The Green Fairy’s Anise

So it seems that absinthe is gaining back a bit of its historical popularity. We have all heard the absinthe myths and legends. It is one of those things that crosses science and history in a way that I really love. We have these long term ideas about a beverage that very few of us […]

Leopold Brothers Distillers Night at Star Bar

Friday Jan. 27th at 6:00, meet Todd Leopold, head distiller. Denver’s very own Leopold Brothers Distillers is racking up quite an impressive protfolio of craft made spirits.  All based on one simple platform: quality has to come first. Nine different versions of liqueurs make up the foundation of that portfolio.  They can stand on their […]

Leopold Brothers – Part 2

Continued from Leopold Brothers – Part 1 After fermentation, the washes and fruit musts are transferred to the stripping still for primary distillation. The day we were there a whiskey wash was cooling down after being run in the still. The wash is not lautered, and grain and all is sent to the pot. Again, […]

Leopold Brothers – Part 1

Recently, a few of us had a chance to take a very in depth tour of the Leopold Brothers distillery in north Denver. It was amazing and a real eye-opener. Full disclosure: I hadn’t given Leopold Brothers a whole lot of thought before the tour. I was, of course, aware of them, and knew the […]

Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere: Colorado Distillers Festival Recap

By Jess Hunter, Josh Rapp, Jim Halligan, and PJ Hoberman I look at the clock.  Noon.   It’s well-past 5 o’clock in London; the Queen would be sipping her gin, so I can too, right?  I sigh and step up to the check-in at Rackhouse Pub on Sunday.  Chris Rippe, owner and the impetus behind the […]

Announcing the 1st Annual Colorado Distillers Festival

Distillers, sippers, and boozers unite!  It was announced just yesterday that spirit-fiends will conjoin at the 1st annual Colorado Distillers Festival to be held at the Rackhouse Pub on Sunday, September 18th.   The festival is being supported by the Colorado Distillers Guild and the Wagon will be there to cover it all. There will be quite […]

What’s the oldest active distillery in Colorado?

It’s a harder question to answer  than you might think.  We see the likes of Spring44 and American Harvest trying to penetrate the spirits market in Denver.  We see Todd Leopold moving his distillery from Michigan to Colorado and saying this is his end-game.  We see Peak Spirits working within the organic spirits market as […]

Euclid Hall Throws Party to Celebrate its First Anniversary

I love me a good birthday bash, especially when it’s a beloved beer bar.  See below for Euclid Hall’s press release on their 1st Birthday Party: Denver, CO — Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen on Larimer Square will be celebrating its first anniversary with a blowout party at the restaurant on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 serving […]

Colorado Cocktail Project shakes, stirs, and mixes up a good time

by Jess Hunter, Julia Yugel, and Lisa Bongiovanni It was a beautiful affair. You walked into the room, and as far as the eye could see were tables of mini cocktails and drink samples. The sound of ice and alcohol dancing in cocktail shakers filled the air. This was one of the best cocktail competitions […]

Rye Whiskey Revival

A long time ago, in a place not to far away, rye whiskeys were a staple of the drinking culture.  Far and wide across the land people were sipping on a brown distillate made mostly of rye (at least 51%)  in addition to corn, barley and other grains.  Different regions had different styles of rye […]

Weekend off the Wagon: 5/19-5/22

  Your weekend forecast * Thursday, May 19th High of 52, low of 42 — Scattered T-Storms 60% chance of precipitation Friday, May 20th High of 60, low of 44 — Isolated T-Storms 30% chance of precipitation Saturday, May 21st High of 67, low of 48 — Partly Cloudy 20% chance of precipitation Sunday, May […]