Kickstarting A Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 3

former future brewing company kickstarter banner

October was quite a month for beer in Denver. There was the What the Funk!? Festival, Denver Beer Fest and the monstrosity known as the Great American Beer Festival, which essentially took over town for a full week. What else happened during that crazy week in early October – Former Future Brewing Company wrapped up […]

Kickstarting A Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 2

The Kickstarter campaign from Former Future Brewing Company is now into the home stretch with less than 10 days remaining. We talked with Sarah Howat, founder and community builder with Former Future, a few weeks ago to get a sense for how breweries in planning approach the Kickstarter process. Now that Former Future’s campaign has […]

Kickstarting a Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 1

sarah howat former future brewing company

With all the brewery news that comes out of Colorado every week, you’d be forgiven for missing the launch of Former Future Brewing Company’s Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter has become a popular way for new local breweries to gain funding, but what actually goes into a campaign and how does the whole 30 days unfold? While […]

The TapIt Cap – One Denver Man’s Craft Beer Invention

TapIt Cap

Love it or hate it, Colorado’s craft beer culture is centered on the taproom concept. Taprooms provide a central gathering place and fosters the sense of community that is a staple of so many smaller breweries, as well as providing brewers with a direct-to-consumer sales option by way of growlers. At the same time, it […]

Alpine Dog Brewing Company asks beer-lovers to pitch in

The Denver craft beer scene is a community of mutual support.  Although each brewery is technically in competition with every other brewery, that’s not the vibe broadcasted.  Instead of backstabbing and undercutting each other like in so many other industries, the folks in craft beer promote each other and team-up for collaboration beers and tasting […]

Black Shirt Brewing – What’s next?

Black Shirt Brewing – one of a handful of Breweries in Planning in Denver – attempted to get funding through a Kickstarter campaign. They’re not the first who went this route, nor the last. Some have succeeded, and some have not reached their goal. Sadly, Blackshirt didn’t meet the mark – 59 backers pledged $6,143, but they […]

Black Shirt Brewing launches Kickstarter Campaign

Black Shirt Brewing – the small new Red ale brewery family affair – just launched their Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a social funding site that has helped launch many, many companies. Recently, breweries looking to get going have started using the service. I first learned about breweries using Kickstarter when Wilderness Brewing in Kansas tried […]