Italian wine for an American feast

Pairing wine with a Thanksgiving meal can be a difficult task due to the mish mash of dishes and culinary components. Ideally, each dish asks for a specific wine. As this is fairly unrealistic for most Thanksgiving diners, I suggest simplifying the entire process and popping bottles in stages. Start with an aperitif to liven […]

Italian Wine — Exploring the Obscure

Don’t be intimidated! Italian wine can, more often than not, send potential drinkers fleeing in confusion and uncertainty. I am well versed in Italian wine. That being said, there are plenty of wine aisles I encounter that make me long for a pocket translator and a cold beer. There are 20 Italian wine regions, thousands […]

Break Out Another White Wine. Summer Isn’t Over Yet.

Summer isn’t over yet, so I figured I’d share a little wine that’s inexpensive ($9.99 – Argonaut Wine & Liquor) and great to accompany your late summer bbq(s). Joni Klippert and I shot this quick tasting video over the 4th of July, and it seemed lonely sitting by itself, with no eyes on it, over […]