Remember, Remember, the 5th of December?

COBG repeal day poster denver

November 5th may be famous to the Brits for the gunpowder plot and treasonous figures against a tyrranous government. And that’s all find and dandy. Here in America, however, we celebrate the recognition of another tyrannous force being knocked down: December 5th has been officially dubbed “Repeal Day“- the day in 1933 when Prohibition was […]

Sweat for Suds, Part III: Irish Snug Running Club

We’re back with another installment of the “Sweat for Suds” series, where the athletic drunk can find kindred souls. There are many bars hosting running clubs in Denver and they all have their unique identities but, in terms of sheer size, there is one club that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. Name: Irish Snug Running […]

That’s whiskey with an ‘e’

Glowing like real gold

Growing up my Grandpa taught me that real Irish folk drink whiskey, and as you may know, I have taken this bit of knowledge to heart.  Being the proud Irish lass that I am I really have no choice but to consume the liquid gold on a regular basis. On a day to day basis […]

I’ve been a wild rover for many a year; And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer

364 days are practice for one holiday: St. Patrick’s Day When I lived in Dublin, I was told that 364 days were training for the one, the only St. Paddy’s Day.  And, folks, this is true if you’ve ever drunk with the Irish. Granted, we Yanks certainly go over-and-above with green for this holiday.  We […]

An excuse to get inappropriately drunk, thanks Ireland.

It’s no secret that we, at Denver off the Wagon, enjoy a couple drinks every now and then. It’s also no secret that sometimes we have a couple more than a couple drinks and stumble around downtown Denver. St. Patrick’s Day provides an excuse to do things that would piss off the guys below. Yes […]

Craft Beer Bar Tour

Self Guided Craft Beer Tour Are you looking for a cool way to spend a day with friends and enjoy the best beer and beer culture that Denver has to offer? Here are two ideas for walking tours of beer bars in Denver that will provide hours of adventuresome craft beer drinking and incredible sightseeing […]