In Other News

Turns out the world turns outside of Denver. Crazy, right? Here are a few stories we’ve seen around the tubes:   MMMBop to MMMHop, Hanson to Launch Beer Seriously. Mmmhop. No, really. Just click the link.   Modern Day Matchmaker Holiday Dating Challenge The Sadie Hawkins holiday dating challenge. Ask a dude out. Ask ten dudes […]

In Other News

A few things we’ve been reading this week: Real Estate at the bar An important conversation about how one should comport themselves when drinking in crowded bars. Or, why occupying a stool at a bar while drinking free water is uncool.   MolsonCoors (Canada) launches craft brewing division called 6 Pints We’ll see what happens […]

In other news

From all over the interwebs, right to your face, here are some things we’ve been reading this week: Five ways to freshen up GABF Jonathan Shikes of the Westword gives some thoughts on making GABF better. The Case for Low Mileage Beer A look at keeping it local, rather than shipping across the country. Utah […]

In Other News

The globe keeps on spinning, and its population keeps on drinking. Here’s some of the news we’ve collected from around the interwebs this week.   News Trends Tilt Toward Niche Sites An article that hits near and dear to us here at the wagon. How the small guys are outperforming some of the media giants […]

In Other News – Booze Readings from around the Internets

We read and write a lot about booze. And we drink a lot of booze. Obviously. But on the reading/writing part, we read a lot of information from a lot of other sites. Friends send us articles every day, asking “Hey, did you see this video about how beer makes your boobs bigger?” or “Dude. […]