Weekend off the Wagon – December 13-15

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Did you buy your tickets already? I hope you did. Tickets went fast, and even Craigslist is pretty bare. The time is here. Saturday is the day you can try all of Denver’s breweries in one spot for your drinking pleasure at the Denver Beer Festivus. Exciting new […]

The Bottles You Bring

With the holidays upon us, there is no sense to do anything other than give into the opulent temptations of the season. The food, the drink, the company of others. Dinners that stretch into long nights, arguments over valid words in Scrabble, and conversations that end with one wondering if they finally just go to […]

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Mother’s Day Brunch Guide

We all love our mommas. The woman who raised you, loved you, or otherwise had some important role in your life. You know, your mom. And that annual tradition of showing this special lady just how much we appreciate her is once again at hand. This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12th. And Mother’s Day […]

Denver crawls its way through “Cinco de Drinko”

The “Cinco de Drinko” bar crawl is perhaps the only socially acceptable occasion for both men and women to sport mustaches. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo a day early, nearly 900 people attended the festivities put on by Living Social. Participants split into four groups and visited five bars in downtown Denver. The day drinking began […]

Circling up the Wagons – Week of 12/16/-12/22

passed out santa

Happy Holidays, booze hounds! If your seasonal festivities have been anything like ours, then you are likely dead tired and drunk off egg nog. Fret not, in a few days it will all be over. No longer will you have to huddle in the masses of your rarely-sought extended family. Nay, you will be back […]

Give Beer Cheer For The Holidays

Need an easy holiday gift? Of course you know what I’m going to tell you: Buy some beer! Whether your friend drinks only Coors Light (even worse, with lime) or your significant other is a complete craft beer snob, booze is the ultimate no-fail present. Given the upcoming holidays, why not serve your loved ones […]

Geeking out for a good cause – Steuben’s 2012 toy drive

steubens holiday toy drive 2012

If boozing it up during the holiday season is good, then boozing for a good cause is even better, and this year the Steuben’s crew did their annual holiday toy drive up right! Amid tables piled with toys and games for underprivileged youth of the Denver Housing Authority; the bash reached an impressive atmosphere of […]

Obscure Holidays Drinking Guide – December 2012

Ah yes, the winter holiday season is upon us. There is the fresh smell of cookies and pies, turkeys and hams, and the most festive of music. The stores are filled with gorgeous holiday decorations ranging from giant blow-up turkeys in pilgrim hats to a motorcycle Santa. People rush about with a joyous smile, a […]

Have a borderline illegal holiday with Illegal Pete’s

creepy ass santa claus crying baby

I grew up in the suburbs, so my depiction of Santa Claus always come from either Sears or Montgomery Wards. Some years I would bug the hell out of my mom to go see Santa (I was six, and still the oldest child, so shut up). Other years we would wait in line, dolled up […]

No. 11: Sangria

My family is made up of a bunch of booze hounds. These days our gatherings are fueled by delicious wine and beer, but before us kids were of age and could pick our own drinks (mostly beer) we were strictly a wine family.  For as long as I can remember everyone in my family drank wine.  […]

No. 9: How to Get Santa’s ‘Stache

This year, spirits have been keeping me warmer than beer and I have mixed a few of my favorite ingredients to create a special holiday cocktail.  I’ve always loved anything with gin or whiskey, but I’ve recently started to explore cocktails with eggs.  I find that most things with vodka are better replaced with gin, […]

No. 6: Jack, Tom and Jerry, and Don’t Forget the Slush

There are a lot of holiday family boozing traditions out there. I come from a very large family. My grandparents had 10 kids and I am the oldest of 40+ grandkids. This led to pretty big Christmas events and none of the family shied away from the drinks. My dad is a Jack and Coke […]

Wines with a Reason to Give for the Season: The Ultimate Wine Gift Guide

That’s it. You give up. Another year rolls by and yet again you are finding yourself searching for gifts for your [insert dad, friend, sister, boss here] who seriously has everything. You shamefully type in the google search for ‘gift ideas’. You inevitably resort to booze. Lift your head a little higher. What follows is […]

The Salted Caramel Whiskey Project

Under the heat of June – or was it July – an idea was hatched to combine Salted Caramel Sauce from the soon to be world famous kitchen of Helliemae’s Salt Caramel, and Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey.  Definitely discussed with beer in hand, something undoubtedly sour, with Ellen Helliemae herself.  We are very lucky to have a […]