Weekend off the Wagon – August 16-18

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Summer is coming to a close for many of us already. I know, sad, right? But there’s still some time to get a few tickets to The Endless Summer tonight. (get your tickets with the tiny discount code: homies). Go enjoy some good booze and fun in the name of […]

Gaetano’s. A Place You Can Take Your Italian Mother-In-Law And Get Loaded Without Too Much Judgement.

Here’s to updating a classic. I had a chance to visit and sample some of the offerings from the newly renovated Gaetano’s. The Denver classic has been around since 1947 and recently closed for a few months for a sprucing-up. The place had a physical change as well as a staff change to bring some […]

Sweat for Suds, Part II: HTB Run Club

The Venn diagram of “Denver Beer Lovers” and “Denver Runners” overlaps so much that, too the naked eye, it appears as one circle.  Perhaps that’s the reason why there are so many Denver bars hosting running clubs.  If you exercise and drink beer—if you counteract your workout with a few pints—then let the “Sweat for […]

Kitchen Confidential: Williams & Graham faces licensing issues

And the kitchen renovation drama continues… Earlier this month, Johnny Ballen and Josh Olsen of Squeaky Bean closed at their 33rd and Tejon location to make way for Occidental, a new bar, to open at the same location.  The Bean had hopes to expand their kitchen from the tiny galley in which the chefs, under the […]