Beer Vs. Wine: 2012 Chocolate Edition

Beer v Wine Menu

On a crisp November evening sixty people entered the side door at Highland Tap and Burger marked “Do Not Enter”. What waited for them behind that door? This year’s Beer Vs. Wine competition – a throw down to see which libation pairs best with this year’s secret ingredient: chocolate. Chocolatiers from Hi*Rise, Ziva Chocolates, Lioni […]

Gettin’ Crafty with Renegade Brewing

By Leah Arthur, Colorado Beer Girl The Crafty Ladies Beer Club at Highland Tap and Burger is a wonderful thing. A different brewery is featured each month–some from Colorado, some from out of state. The brewer or brewery representative brings 4-6 of their beers and puts on a great event with beer and food pairings. […]

Sweat for Suds, Part II: HTB Run Club

The Venn diagram of “Denver Beer Lovers” and “Denver Runners” overlaps so much that, too the naked eye, it appears as one circle.  Perhaps that’s the reason why there are so many Denver bars hosting running clubs.  If you exercise and drink beer—if you counteract your workout with a few pints—then let the “Sweat for […]

Crafty Ladies Brew a Beer with Oskar Blues

By Liz Henry, guest writer I enjoy good beer. Even more, I enjoy good company. It’s only logical that Highland Tap and Burger’s Crafty Ladies Beer Club has become a regular event on my calendar. Owner Katie O’Shea opens her door to twice a month to groups of ladies ready to hear from local breweries […]

Drink yourself fit: The Great Denver Beer Run

There are new stories every day about the health benefits of beer. Science pretty much proves that beer makes you live 153 years, helps you jump small obstacles / children, and see hours of the night once relegated to your college years. But that’s just science, and that’s all passive benefits. It’s time to take […]

CYC and Highland Tap & Burger team up for Happy Hour

Happy Hour tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21st, at Highland Tap and Burger isn’t one to be missed.  Why, you may ask?  A portion of sales during Happy Hour will be given to CO Youth For a Change (CYC).  As it’s the first day of summer, on a great patio, and a fabulous selection of local Colorado beers on […]

Menver Hunting Grounds: a Guide for Women

MENver is a mecca of men.  Of mountain men.  Of beards, flannel, whisk(e)y, and beer, and a ratio of men to women being 3:1.  I’ll take those odds.  And with these various places, sometimes the night leads to a…fun finish.   I present to you, ladies, the top 5 (and not limited to) places in […]

Talk Derby to Me

Dress/Polo Jacket?  Check.  Hat?  Check.  Horse? Meh. Even though it’s Kentucky Derby time (the 137th time around), you can still enjoy the horse festivities without the horse.  The season kicks off next Friday, May 6th and the party continues well into Saturday, May 7th.  Dress up, drink better, mingle, gamble, and be that classy, traditional […]

5280 Week: Picking a Restaurant by the Beer List

It’s almost half over already. 5280 Restaurant Week (or half-month) is here again. A few hundred of Denver’s best restaurants open their doors, menus, and kitchens, so that we might sample their goods and expand our palates. At $52.80 for two, or $26.40 for one, you have to go! Pick out a restaurant or two […]