Colorado Native Lager Kicks Off 2012 Volunteer Hop Grower Project

Want to grow hops for the greater good (of Colorado beer)? Here’s your chance! For the second year, AC Golden Brewing Co. is giving locals the opportunity to grow hops that’ll be included in their Colorado Native Lager. On the heels of a very successful first year for volunteer hop growers, AC Golden Brewing Company is […]

Weekend off the Wagon: October 7-9

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday The leaves are turning, the weather’s getting cold, Halloween is close approaching, and we’re well into the harvest.  Here’s a few ideas for your weekend: Track 1: Friday:  It’s getting scary out there, so checking out the Mile High Horror Festival Saturday:  Head up to Breckenridge […]

Colorado Brewed: Tommyknocker Pumpkin Harvest Ale and Crabtree Chunkin Pumpkin Ale

Each Wednesday in this column I post my insights about one of the thousands of beers brewed in the great state of Colorado. Feel free to shoot me an email with your suggestions of Colorado beers you’d like me to feature – Lee Williams at – or leave your ideas in the comments. It’s […]