Post-Beer-Week Syndrome: Symptoms and Cures

Another Beer Week has been and gone in the Mile High City. Attendees drank, swigged, and danced at more events and bars all across the Front Range than I care to count. Even the main event, the Great American Beer Festival itself, is still in the long process of cleaning up beer and pretzels not […]

Libations & Wellness: The Hangover – Causes, Prevention & Cures

It’s Friday night. You hit the town to put the week behind you. Happy Hour. Shots. Then you wake up Saturday morning. Your head hurts. Your stomach is uneasy. You just want to curl up in a little ball, in a dark space and have a breakfast sandwich delivered to your door. You’re hungover. What […]

A Wagon Birthday Whodunit

Irony of all ironies, my Wagon ridiculousness doesn’t involve me being drunk. But it does involve some Hangover-style antics by a few complete strangers. It begins as Star Bar closes down after an epic birthday party on Saturday night, well really Sunday morning. But where is my jacket/wallet/phone/keys? Some motherfucker stole them. Monika’s too. Damn […]

iX Mixer Announces National Hangover Awareness Day

[Press Release] iX Mixer will distribute hangover prevention kits in preparation for the year’s biggest Sunday Funday— the Professional Football Championship DENVER – (Jan. 31, 2012) – iX Mixer, the hangover prevention mixer chock full of electrolytes, is declaring the Monday after the Professional Football Championship to be National Hangover Awareness Day. According to a recent MSNBC […]

Some musings on your hangover tomorrow morning.

Today is a drinking day. Similar to a recent drinking day known as St. Paddy’s. One of those days where if you ask a reveler where the holiday originated, they’d most likely shrug and vomit at your feet. It’s a holiday akin to we, as Americans, celebrating the end of the War of 1812. You’ve heard […]