Grand Opening – Former Future

Beer is crafted from water, yeast, and barley, and at Former Future Brewing, it is also crafted from love, and a dedication to community. James and Sarah Howat, the husband and wife owners of Denver’s newest brewery, are a collegial couple of kindness, smiles, and beer brewing expertise.  James, a former high school science teacher, […]

Kickstarting A Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 3

former future brewing company kickstarter banner

October was quite a month for beer in Denver. There was the What the Funk!? Festival, Denver Beer Fest and the monstrosity known as the Great American Beer Festival, which essentially took over town for a full week. What else happened during that crazy week in early October – Former Future Brewing Company wrapped up […]

Shutdown or Shut Out: Colorado’s Craft Producers feel the effects of the government shutdown

We try to stay out of politics here at Denver off the Wagon, though we do dip our toes into certain issues that affect booze. You’re not supposed to talk about politics, money, or religion on a first date. Or while drinking. Or something like that. I won’t get into who’s to blame and who […]

Kickstarting A Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 2

The Kickstarter campaign from Former Future Brewing Company is now into the home stretch with less than 10 days remaining. We talked with Sarah Howat, founder and community builder with Former Future, a few weeks ago to get a sense for how breweries in planning approach the Kickstarter process. Now that Former Future’s campaign has […]

Kickstarting a Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 1

sarah howat former future brewing company

With all the brewery news that comes out of Colorado every week, you’d be forgiven for missing the launch of Former Future Brewing Company’s Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter has become a popular way for new local breweries to gain funding, but what actually goes into a campaign and how does the whole 30 days unfold? While […]

Former Future Brewing Company hosts swanky beer tasting at The Oxford Hotel

Imagine a swanky party in a turn-of-the-century hotel suite; resplendent with thick, frilled draperies, dark wood cabinetry, an ornately-carved four-poster bed, and a fireplace in the corner. Imagine a penthouse with a view of a downtown urban area, hardwood floors, plush, leather seating, and decorative molding on the wall. The setting is chic, the partygoers […]