Bacon and Beer Brewers Dinner menu revealed

The Denver Bacon and Beer Festival is back for its fourth iteration this year, but fans of swine and ale can get a jump on the festival crowd by attending the Bacon and Beer Brewers’ Dinner the night before. The dinner – now in its third year – pairs five chefs and five breweries for […]

Event Preview: BrüFrou Craft Beer + Culinary Pairing

As craft beer lovers, many of us also love food. Pairing beer and food so that both enhance each other requires attention to the dominant taste and flavor elements in each. How do you approach pairing successfully? The Brewers Associated has created a Craft Beer Characteristics Chart. This chart is great if you are planning […]

Weekend off the Wagon – What’s better than candy & flowers on Valentine’s Day?

[Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox every Friday – Sign up now!] Taking your favorite person (which counts yourself) out for some tasty meals & drinks this weekend, that’s what! Yes, Valentine’s Day is considered a big day for marketing and ad revenue… but why can’t it be an excuse to spoil someone special? (Again, who’s […]

Weekend off the Wagon – August 16-18

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Summer is coming to a close for many of us already. I know, sad, right? But there’s still some time to get a few tickets to The Endless Summer tonight. (get your tickets with the tiny discount code: homies). Go enjoy some good booze and fun in the name of […]

Weekend off the Wagon – July 12-14

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Oh hey, it’s Jasmin again. Did you miss me? Now that everyone is (almost) recovered from an epic 4th of July weekend, it’s time to keep the good summer vibes rolling. One way you can easily do that, if you haven’t already, is get yourself a Denver […]

Spend Mondays Like Fridays at Earls

Mondays suck. Whether you attacked Sunday Funday too hard, or you’re dreading that fact that you’ll spend the next five days stuck behind a desk, rare is the person who looks forward to Monday. Sensing a market for those who want to self-medicate on Mondays, Earls Kitchen + Bar recently introduced its Thank Goodness It’s […]

The Archive Room: New, Improved and Awesome

Olde Town Arvada is a really great place to hang out, walk around, check out the cool shops, and maybe grab a pint at the Arvada Beer Company. While you are in the neighborhood, you may want to investigate newly redone Archive Room, literally across the street from Arvada Beer Co. If you have been […]

Toques & ‘Tails – The best of both worlds

Denver’s food and beverage scene is growing and maturing with every passing day. New restaurant concepts, speakeasies, and even a James Beard Award are helping to mold this city’s offerings into something unique and magical. But what does it take to make the best food and drink under one roof? What spots in this town […]

An A+ for C+

I suppose it’s understood that, when you claim Denver’s a great beer city, you really mean to include the whole metro-area; while some of America’s finest ales and lagers are produced within the Mile High City’s limits, one would be remiss to omit Dry Dock Brewing Co., Lone Tree Brewing Company, Big Choice Brewing, and […]

TRVE Slaughter is sold out, but here’s the menu anyway

A lot of events happen in this city. We get it. It’s hard for us to attend them all, and this is what we do. So here’s a tip. When Imbibe throws a party, just buy tickets. Go there and click sign up now, and you’ll get an email when new events are announced. And you’ll […]

Circle Up The Wagons – The edition of Delicate Dining

Happy Sunday, my band of weekend-warring wagoneers! This week you may be feeling a little more off kilter than usual since we seemed to not only double up on rich beers, but also found ourselves in quite the food coma this week. On Monday Kelly regaled us with tales of her experience at the Breckenridge […]

Talking Shop with Keith Villa

Keith Villa

From previous chances to personally interact with brewers, I’ve come to realize that the beer industry is filled with incredibly engaging personalities. They love to share stories about their craft, have in-depth conversations about beer and generally spread the gospel of craft beer. After attending the Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Blue Moon Brewing Company’s […]

Drinking the Bar Dry at Colt & Gray

Ah, the British. Not only do our pals on the other side of the pond enjoy on average 20 days a year more vacation than we Americans, they know how to kick off their vacations in style! In the Olde English tradition, the team at Colt & Gray bucked their way into the holiday week […]

Breckenridge Brewery turns 20, I behave like a bad uncle.

salmon tacos breckenridge brewery

It isn’t often that someone buys me dinner for their birthday. Since Breckenridge was celebrating their 20th birthday, they are out to prove two things: they are almost of legal drinking age and they intend to remain a Denver institution for a long, long while. Admittedly, I have never been to their ballpark location (2200 […]

Special sneak-peek at the Chef and Brew festival

Have you had the opportunity to pick up tickets for the first Chef and Brew Festival? It takes place this Thursday, November 15th and The Oriental Theater. It’s the same as we’ve written before: 12 chefs and 12 brewers teaming up to make the best beer/food pairing by the standards of both judges and guests. […]

Food for Wine & Wine for Food- Strategies for Successful Pairings

As the sommelier of Il Posto, I field hundreds of oenological questions on a nightly basis. These questions range from the basic to the incredibly complex. The majority of my nights revolve around deciphering our wine list and translating the contents of any given bottle to its potential consumer. The lion share of my evening, […]

Where to Feed your Drunky McDrunk Face After GABF

It’s 10pm.  GABF is over.  A tubby and annoyed security guard just calmly pushed your drunken ass out into the street. You are starving.  What are you going to do?   Well, first and foremost, remain calm. Remember that you have a smart phone device and have saved this handy dandy list I have prepared for […]

Strawberry Sweet Lady Cakes

Sweet lady strawberry

Dudes, it’s motherfucking sweet lady beer season again.  If you know me at all you probably know that Colette is one of my favorite beers and I fondly refer to it as Sweet Lady beer.  To celebrate the release of this years batch I did what I do: made cupcakes. Makes approximately 24 cupcakes Cupcake: 2 […]

Mocha Raspberry Cupcakes

Shiny pink things and beer

It was Aubrey’s birthday last week.  You guys don’t know Aubrey but she is one of the best people I have ever met.  She loves coffee and pink lipstick as much as I love coffee and red lipstick.  I thought what better  for her birthday cupcakes than combining coffee with awesome shiny pinkness?  Thus, my […]

Pumpkin Yeti Cupcakes

pumpkin yeti before

These little treats are just perfect for fall or winter or stout day.  The sweetness of the glaze is followed by straight up pumpkin with the spice blend finishing as a tickle in the back of your throat.  They are like Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with a side of dark roast coffee in cupcake form.  What could be […]