Weekend off the Wagon – November 15-17


Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday The holidays are upon us, people, and you don’t need the Christmas music already being played at your convenience store to tell you that. It’s the time for big beers and roasted meats! Night of the Bastards–a tap takeover by Stone Brewing Company–is happening for your […]

Shh… Sin And Tonic is Actually a Beer Made By Ladies


Ladies, gather ’round for yet another beer event. But this time, it’s organized for and by other craft-loving women like you. Girl’s Pint Out, if you don’t know of them yet, is a group dedicated to fostering women’s love of all things Craft Beer and was founded in 2010. New Belgium is the Colorado-based juggernaut […]

Weekend off the Wagon – October 11-13

polar bear down

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Pat yourselves on your backs. You’ve made it through day one of GABF, and I know you’re ready for more. Get your best hangover cures handy for the next few days, because this weekend is sure to not disappoint. If you’re lucky enough to head to […]

GABF Events That Aren’t Sold Out (Yet)

More Colorado craft breweries on tap than anywhere else in Denver at the Stapleton Tap House

Pints for Prostates. Colorado Rare Beer Tasting. What The Funk?. What do these Beer Week events have in common? They are among the premier events that happen during the 7 days and nights that surround the wonderful GABF circus. They are also completely, utterly sold out. And have been that way since forever. But don’t […]

Weekend off the Wagon – September 13-15

Left Hand Brewing's handy work

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Left Hand Brewing Company, as well as a good number of other breweries, have been affected by the severe flooding that started Thursday, and many will be closed until weather conditions improve. “We can report that we believe the Tasting Room is dry, thanks to our […]

Want a new bike? Trade your car in at Tour de Fat this weekend!

tour de fat fort collins

This weekend New Belgium’s Tour de Fat is stopping off in Denver’s City Park as a part of their 12 city tour to benefit bike awareness in local communities. The fest will feature live acts from vaudevillian performers, musical acts from bands like He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night […]

Tickets for Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywine Festival 2014 on sale now!

big beers belgians barleywines 2013

As I type this, I’m sort of sticking to my keyboard. No, pervs, not like that. Outside my window a record-heat day is roasting the pavement of Denver. Inside my head, we are barreling towards the cooler months where I get to feign interest in things like shoveling snow and stuff that tastes like pumpkins. […]

Weekend off the Wagon – August 16-18

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Summer is coming to a close for many of us already. I know, sad, right? But there’s still some time to get a few tickets to The Endless Summer tonight. (get your tickets with the tiny discount code: homies). Go enjoy some good booze and fun in the name of […]

Libations and Wellness: Beer for Yogis


What does practicing yoga and drinking beer have in common? Lots, which is why a few local breweries have started yoga clubs. Yoga and beer have many similarities. Yoga is about finding the balance within oneself, where as when a brewer is brewing beer, they are looking for a balance in the flavors. Both can […]

Weekend off the Wagon – August 9-11


Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday It’s that time of year again! The Denver County Fair is this weekend with at least one Wagon writer on the judging panel for the beer competition (Saturday is the Denver County Fair Microbrew Fest). Put on your overalls and pig out on lots of food and drink! Did […]

Week off the Wagon – GABF Edition

Great American Beer Festival

It’s that time of the year when you’re debating the merits of different pretzel sizes for the trusty pretzel necklace and planning out an group costume with your friends for the Super Bowl of beer, the Great American Be . . . wait, what do you mean you didn’t get tickets? There was a Ticketmaster […]

Weekend off the Wagon – June 28-30

Yes, that's ice. Curling, in fact. Yes, it's June. Learn more.

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Jasmin didn’t burn the house down last week, so we might have to let her do more of these Weekend off the Wagon posts. But, me again this week. This weekend hosts the Epic Beer Festival. We’ll be there, booth 921. Come say hi! The winner […]

Weekend off the Wagon – June 14-16

frisco bbq

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Yet another big weekend of events in Denver. One of my favorite festivals in the state is this weekend: The Frisco BBQ Challenge. Streets filled with meat and beer, nestled in the mountains? Yes. Yes, I’d like two please. However, I won’t be there this year, […]

Big Eat – A Small Bite Event


This Sunday, May 26, marks the third annual Big Eat. Presented by EatDenver, Big Eat is an opportunity to taste small bites from independent Denver restaurants. And breweries. And wineries. And distilleries. The $40 admission grants you unlimited tastes – don’t be greedy though, try one of everything! – and two drinks, as well as […]

If heaven was a four course dinner… Vonnegut’s evening at Wynkoop

(Photo by Shannon Berner, @shannonberner)

Poe-tee-weet, Sharoooook, Barooong! So it goes, Wynkoop knocks another beer/food pairing dinner out of the park. This time featuring a pork-centric line up to feature the rarely-brewed Vonnegut Mile High Malt beer. April 11th was abuzz with this memorial event (Vonnegut died on April 11th, 2007, so it goes) which left me satisfied, but not […]

Renegade & Wit’s End Release Collaboration Beer

We first covered the collaboration between Renegade Brewing and Wit’s End Brewing Company last month with a promise of more information as it became available. According to Renegade’s Facebook page, the result of the brew session has been named Judge Whoppner and will be released this Wednesday, Feb. 27, at 6:30 p.m. in the Renegade […]

Our Birthday Change You Can’t Miss: Thursday’s Preview Dinner


We know you all love to drink, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog. A few weeks ago we announced our birthday celebration festivities. We have decided to change things up a bit and dedicate Thursday to a small little preview of the weekend. Thursday’s wine pairing dinner is now a booze preview dinner. This […]

Blue Moon Pairs with Red Robin for Burgers and Beer

Blue Moon

Interested in burgers and beer? If you answered yes, good job and we’ve got a tip for you. Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (the YUMMM guys) and Blue Moon Brewing Company are teaming up for a burger and beer pairing dinner at Red Robin’s Arvada restaurant. Keith Villa, founder and head brewmaster […]

X Games Primer – Where to Eat and Drink in Aspen

xgames in aspen

The X Games are gearing up for its 12th consecutive year in Aspen, Colo., from Jan. 24 through Jan. 27, and the big question isn’t who will win the SuperPipe or Big Air – its where to eat and drink if you’re heading up for the festivities. Eating and drinking around Aspen will never be cheap, but […]

Obscure Holiday Drinking Guide – January 2013

"I'm not going to be part of your system!"

It happened! We all lived to see 2013, Mayans be damned. And oh what a joyous year it shall be! I expect the cinematic marketplace to overflow with the grace and creativity that we’ve come to expect of great minds that brought us masterpieces such as Battleship, Total Recall and Twilight. To be fair, we […]