Will this booze make me go blind?

Dashing fellow ain't he?

Today’s Mr. Science’s Drunken Science is going to be as much drunken history as science. The question came in from Kilo in a past comments section: “Would love to know the difference between good alcohol / ethanol and bad. Occurs in booze and beer. Bad booze can make you blind, and we better all know […]

Damn… Why Am I So Wasted? Ethanol And You.

Thanks Biology!

Hi everyone. This is the first installment of Mr. Science’s Drunken Science. Some of you may have read my other entries here at Denver Off The Wagon. One night over sour beers I happened to begin yakking about azeotropes and proceeded to say azeotrope until it lost all meaning. Anyway, an idea was born. Lots of […]