Dry Dock Quadruples Production in 2013, More on the Way for 2014

In the year 2013, Aurora’s Dry Dock Brewing Co. quadrupled its production. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Yes, from 3,273 barrels (BBLs) in 2012 to 12,000 BBLs in 2013, Dry Dock’s been cranking out beers at about four times their previous rate and all in the span of 365 days.  That kind […]

Party like it’s 1810: Oktoberfest celebrations across Denver

You want to celebrate Oktoberfest but 5,200 miles separates Munich, Germany from the “Munich of the West”—Denver.  Don’t despair and don’t empty your bank account for an airline ticket; there’re plenty of Oktoberfest celebrations being held in and around the Mile High City! Please note: only events that are both Oktoberfest-specific and in the Denver […]

An A+ for C+

I suppose it’s understood that, when you claim Denver’s a great beer city, you really mean to include the whole metro-area; while some of America’s finest ales and lagers are produced within the Mile High City’s limits, one would be remiss to omit Dry Dock Brewing Co., Lone Tree Brewing Company, Big Choice Brewing, and […]

Weekend off the Wagon – January 25-27

Death Ripper Release at TRVE

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday What up, Denver? Welcome to summer summer summer time. With that said, check out the Art of Winter down on Larimer Square. But wear a t-shirt. Because weather. Anyway. There are some cool events this weekend, like cheap booze! City Wine has an 18th Anniversary super sale, […]

Rackhouse Pub Anniversary Party this weekend

Rackhouse Pub celebrating their third birthday this weekend. In their normal way, they’re throwing a ridiculous party. Did you see their New Year’s Party last year? Ya, they don’t mess around when it comes to celebration. From the source: As is the Rackhouse Pub tradition, we don’t half-ass our anniversary party. We’ve been scheming this […]

2012 GABF medalists going home with Porter’s Pride

What’s the highpoint of a brewer’s career?  Winning a medal at Great American Beer Festival?  Maybe.  But what about winning a medal at Great American Beer festival and receiving a free congratulatory beer?  Thanks to Breckenridge Brewery, the Colorado Brewers Guild (CBG), and CBG member breweries, the best of the best at this year’s GABF […]

2012 Boulder SourFest – a puckered place for good beer and good people.

Boulder SourFest.  It’s a magical place wedged between October’s Great American Beer Festival and January’s Big Beers Festival.  It’s a place where the Russian River table–pouring blessed beers–stands sans a line. It’s a mecca for beer aficionados to congregate and proclaim the beer gospel.  And after selling out in a mere 3 minutes this year, entry tickets were even […]

Colorado Beer Week Photo Gallery

We hope you had as great of a time as we did throughout Colorado Beer Week/American Craft Beer Week!  Here’s a slideshow of some of the fun we had, including the Grand Opening Ceremonies at Highland Tap & Burger, a firkin tapping at Dry Dock, beer the beer and food pairing dinner at FreshCraft, the […]

Weekend off the Wagon – May 18-20

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday You’re going to have to put on your big boy (or girl) pants this weekend and make some difficult choices. There’s something awesome happening just about every minute, and it’s not going to be an easy decision. For example, look at the tap lists at Star […]

American Craft Beer Week / Colorado Beer Week Event List

American Craft Beer Week and Colorado Beer Week are here! Declare your craft beer independence, patronize the hell out of your local, and drink some good stuff. Let’s do this.   We’ll keep this list updated as the week progresses. Know something we missed? Super stoked about a particular event? Were we slydexic in our […]

Weekend off the Wagon – April 20-22

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday What’s the booze equivalent of 4/20? Hmm.. There are specific holidays that rise above the “let’s drink because of that Saint in Ireland” or “this day has a Spanish name for the fifth of May, let’s drink!”. For example, the day prohibition was repealed (December 5th, FYI). Or, […]

Weekend off the Wagon – March 30 – April 1

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday I think Denver is confused by this nice weather thing. DON’T BE FOOLED. It will snow again. But not this weekend. This weekend screams picnic blankets, corn hole sets, and delicious beer. Don’t ignore the voices. They speak the truth. Get outside and drink something. See […]

Weekend off the Wagon – March 2-4

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Holy crap it’s March. You know what that means, right? Me neither. Many festivals this weekend, many drinks to be had. Enjoy!     Track 1 – The “Leave Denver” Track: Friday: Head up to Leadville for some Ski Joring. Yes. Ski Joring. It’s excellent. Saturday: […]

Weekend off the Wagon – February 17-19

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Track 1: Friday: One night in Bordeaux – learn to cook while drinking wine. Saturday: Wake up with the Coffee Beer Fest at Denver Beer Co, head over to FreshCraft for some Noble Rot, and finish the day at 3 Kings for My Bloody Violent-Tine Horror Film Festival. Sunday: […]

Weekend off the Wagon – February 10-12

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Fun things to do seem to come in waves. One weekend, twiddling your thumbs is the most exciting event on the calendar (Note: a beverage with a straw is required for thumb-twiddling). The next, you can’t make a choice of where to go, and end up […]

Weekend off the Wagon – February 3-5

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Not all that much going on this weekend, unless of course you like firkins, festivals, football, or.. other f words.     Track 1: Friday: Firkin Friday at Great Divide. Raspberry Yeti? Ya. That. Saturday: Evergreen Winterfest looks ridiculous. Oh, and they have booze. Sunday: I […]

And the Best Colorado Beer of 2011 is…

You, the readers, have spoken.  You told us your favorite beers and if we learned anything, it is that our readers have a very broad (and good) taste in craft beer.  A total of 72 different beers from 24 breweries were nominated throughout the voting process.  Luckily, there were enough of you that thought alike that […]

Weekend off the Wagon – December 16-18

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Hopefully you’ve got some time off from work coming up here pretty soon. Either way, we fully expect you’ll be dancing in the streets this weekend. Now, will you be dancing in a Tebow jersey or a Santa outfit? Or both…     Track 1: Friday: Beers […]

Weekend off the Wagon – December 9-11

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Heat wave this weekend! It will be almost 50˚! You know what that means, right? Slush fights in the alleys. Drinking on the rooftops. Exclamatory remarks!   Track 1: Friday: Liquid Arts Festival at Dancing Pines. Yes, yes, and a lot more yes. Saturday: Christmas Beer Tasting at […]

The Ho Ho Ho Slapdown Winner Is…

On Saturday, Dry Dock Brewing Co. held their 3rd annual Ho Ho Ho Slapdown, an in-house brewing contest.  Each brewer entered a special brew and popular vote decided the winner. Here were the entries: Ashleigh – Lady Penrhyn (Imperial Brown aged in Stranahans Barrels) 8.2%, 32 IBU Bill – Stricke Alt (Imperial Alt) 8.3%, 55 IBU Brett […]