Leopold Brothers – Part 2

Continued from Leopold Brothers – Part 1 After fermentation, the washes and fruit musts are transferred to the stripping still for primary distillation. The day we were there a whiskey wash was cooling down after being run in the still. The wash is not lautered, and grain and all is sent to the pot. Again, […]

Leopold Brothers – Part 1

Recently, a few of us had a chance to take a very in depth tour of the Leopold Brothers distillery in north Denver. It was amazing and a real eye-opener. Full disclosure: I hadn’t given Leopold Brothers a whole lot of thought before the tour. I was, of course, aware of them, and knew the […]

Distillers Sitdown Series: Kristian Naslund of Dancing Pines Distillery

This week, Denver off the Wagon sits down with Kristian Naslund to talk about Dancing Pines Distillery.  From Polka music, to talk about starting in Loveland, CO, his “house” liquor, and his rocking liqueurs, we go into it all.   Biographical information: Full Name Kristian Naslund Current Location: Loveland, CO Name of Distillery: Dancing Pines […]

School is in session: Distilling 101

Alright kids, school is in session.  This is going to be a rough and tumble crash course on distilling.  I’m not a chemist, I’m not a professional, hell, I’m surprised my chef lets me touch the mop bucket to swab the deck. That being said, I know my way around a bottle of booze and […]

Distillers Sitdown Series: Ted Palmer of Roundhouse Spirits


The 1st Annual Colorado Distiller’s Festival will be held on September 18.  As part of the roll-out, we will be interviewing the participating CO distillers to feature in the coming weeks. Today, we’re featuring Roundhouse Spirits in our sit-down with Ted Palmer.   Biographical information Full Name Charles (Ted) Palmer Current Location: Boulder, CO Name […]

What’s the oldest active distillery in Colorado?

It’s a harder question to answer  than you might think.  We see the likes of Spring44 and American Harvest trying to penetrate the spirits market in Denver.  We see Todd Leopold moving his distillery from Michigan to Colorado and saying this is his end-game.  We see Peak Spirits working within the organic spirits market as […]

Distilling Thoughts

Whiskey… It is a drink that is steeped in history. It has been with us in a similar form since around 1100CE and it continues to hang with us. Sure, it is just booze, but it is a historically important booze. We could wax on about kings and monks (and Whisky) but to me, the […]